Redrum debuts on SSKWAN with "Phases" for her upcoming EP

Redrum makes her debut on the record label of Liquid Stranger SSKWAN with the release of her production called "Phases".

At the beginning of the year, the dj and producer Liquid Stranger ended the first month of 2021 with a live broadcast. Presented by his other record label SSKWAN, offered a second and only Set with The Stranger. With this, he opened the way for everything that was going to happen this year in his other alternate discography to WAKAAN.

The first release of the year in SSKWAN was for one of the favorites, mize; together with Super Future, they provided Satori. Later days, it was shared through social networks that music would soon arrive by the artist Redrum. After several months of waiting, she finally makes her debut on one of the best record labels at the moment.

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Although the wait has been long, it has been worth it in all respects. Not only is she going to release her single Phases, but will also be accompanied by her debut extended play called Pisces Moon. The EP will have a total of two productions but until the moment of knowing more details of the next song, release this first one.

Dj and producer Tatiana Tindallm known professionally as Redrum is based in Portland. Her father was a musician, composer and DJ, thus creating a huge love for the meaning of dance and music. She wasn't sure about finding a career in music until her teens. At 17, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and was forced to stop dancing due to damage from chemotherapy. After going through a time of anguish, she found light when all there was darkness in a new creative outlet in music production. It was at that moment that the project was born Redrum.

At the beginning of the year she made her debut on the record label of Excision Subsidia Records in the second installment of Dawn. With increasingly personal sound design, the time has come to make her grand debut in SSKWAN. Describes the process of creating Phases in being comfortable with change and finding peace with the fact that nothing is permanent. The title is inspired by going through the process of accepting and finding beauty in life's many phrases and channeling that into this very cathartic piece for her.

The first piece she offers from her upcoming debut EP consists of ethereal melodies, capturing the listener's attention from the first second. The sound design establishes bubble textures, as if all of them are being electrocuted and you are inside them. It feels like you are on constant alert and at the same time you like to be in on this idea. Add elements as if there is something behind these layers that prevent you from returning to the outside, with voices and laughter.

A producer with a lot of background in her personal and professional life making her debut in SSKWAN. The race of Redrum has done nothing but begin and Phases is a very good opportunity to show the world what she is capable of. You can listen to the song on all platforms while we wait for the full extended play.

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