Redrum consolidates with "Pisces Moon" EP as the witch on SSKWAN

Redrum culminates the debut release through SSWKAN's record label with "Pisces Moon" EP consisting of four productions.

Our supreme witch known professionally as Redrum, has revealed all her spells to ascend to the maximum level on SSWKAN. With a sound design capable of catching you like magic, it has been one of the forces to be reckoned with in recent weeks.

At the end of May, the artist released the first song that was to be part of her long-awaited extended play, Pisces Moon. This production was Phases, thereby enchanting all fans of the record label of Liquid Stranger, with surprising ease. Subsequently, Redrum had the opportunity to show all her skills in Forbidden Kingdom Festival, further consecrating herself among the crowd.

The next appearance she made in the return to SSKWAN it was with the production called Floating. Once again, getting to be the center of attention and having unconditional support, and above all, well deserved. Now the most awaited moment of all, has arrived with the launch of the complete project, Pisces Moon EP.


In the first place, and for everyone to know this, is that this person has had a very dark and suffering past. All this darkness, she has managed to personify it through music in the best possible way, healing her soul and heart. Through a tough time, where she lost her father and was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, she has found the light. She had to quit dancing due to the damage she received from chemotherapy and her father, being a musician, has always inspired her. Because of this, when the only thing that existed was anguish, she found a way out and the project was born: Redrum.

Initially, she started the project of Redrum as a way of processing unresolved emotions and trauma, into a healthy exit. The inspiration behind all her music is to take pain and turn it into something beautiful. Pisces Moon EP, is an ode to his father, who was her greatest support when she began producing music. The writing process was the only thing that found comfort during that period. Each piece has a part of her heart and soul.

When she finished producing Pisces Moon EP was at the time of the New Moon in Pisces. The New Moons represent born and new beginnings; that's why for her this EP really was like feeling like she closed a chapter in her life. These pieces originated as a way of processing the trauma of the loss of her father. This is the main reason why she was introduced to music. Each piece is part of the healing process of Redrum.

The first production she released was Phases, which she wrote about spending the first year without her father. Healing comes in phases, and like the moon, it's okay to feel empty sometimes, she shared. On the other hand, the songs Floating & Dreamy, he never intended to ever launch them. In fact, both productions were made in a manic state as a way to bring out the emotions she was processing for the loss.

Probably the favorite song of Pisces Moon EP Redrum is the piece of music Divine. She regards it as the culmination of her pain and emotions that went through her during that period of time. It has fascinating textures and a design as if you feel what it wants to say. You are able to feel the sensations just by listening to the extended play, and empathize all the pain and meaning that this project has.

Without a doubt, there was no better record label and family to host this project than SSKWAN. Any art is welcome here and this project is more than music, it is a journey through the feelings of a person who has never given up. Listen now on all platforms Pisces Moon EP by the supreme witch Redrum.

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