Reverze 2020, 15 years left in history

Hardcore lovers gathered in Antwerp to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Reverze, one of the best-known indoor events of this genre.

15 years have passed since the first Reverze carried out by the company Bass Events. It took place in Sportpaleis, and from 2006 all editions have been held in this incredible pavilion where other events such as Rampage o KNTXT. All the editions have had something special and that is that Reverze has always tried to tell us a story through the themes they prepare each year. For this occasion the motto was Power of Perception where they tried to make the attendee connect as much as possible with the festival and be able to feel the music thus transferring it to "another dimension" thanks to the incredible staging of the enclosure.

This edition has left us one of the best posters for this type of indoor events What can we find. Big names like B-Front, Rebelion o Minus Militia are some of the artists that we could see spread over the two stages located in Sportpaleis y Lotto Arena.

Our night started in the best way and that is that we arrived at the perfect moment to witness the VS between Keltek and Sound Rush. It was one of the sessions that we most wanted to enjoy and with which we began to assimilate the night that awaited us. Sound Rush and Keltek they gave us a session of the best Euphoric where we found old songs like Breakaway o Through the night. On the other hand, we enjoy your new collab One of Us that in a few months will see the light and ids as Brothers, Sound Rush.

The next to take over was Psyko Punkz. The veteran and former teammate Keltek, went on to control a Main Stage that for the 23:15It was completely full. After this session, we decided to move to Lotto Arena to witness the last 15 minutes of Devin Wild, who presented his live show The Inner Game. Later came sub sonik, who also came to present his new album, King never dies. It was a pretty energetic set, loaded with the best Rawstyle and it is that, in the Lotto Arena this sound predominated All night long. In it we could find some of his new songs such as his recent collaboration with Rebellion, Music Is My Suicide.

This was followed by one of the most anticipated sessions of the night, the live act of B-Front at Lotto Arena. Right from the beginning we were impressed with him audiovisual display of this dj and it is that, the mixture of some of his best songs such as My beautiful fantasy o We are all stars, linked to an endless number of lasers and visuals it was worth admiring. Without a doubt, it was one of the sessions that we enjoyed the most all night, highly recommended to see if the opportunity presents itself.

After B-Front, another of the sessions that we most wanted to see arrived, D-Block & S-te-Fan on the Main Stage. These Dutch DJs and producers are in one of the brightest moments of their careers. They have performed Anthems for numerous festivals such as Impact 2019 o try 2018, but one of the main achievements of this year has been the production of Defqon's Anthem. 1 2020, Primal Energy. A session loaded with the best hardstyle we can imagine and songs that have yet to be released. A good year is expected for this duo.

The 2:45 and with it, the first live act for the main stage. Thomas and Nigel, Also known as Sub Zero Project landed in Reverze to present us his new show Rave Into Space. A trip through space thanks to the best Rawstyle, numerous ids and a staging spectacular. It must be emphasized that it was one of the most exclusive performances of this edition, since this live act for the moment was only confirmed in 4 events, I am hardstyle where it was released, Reverze, rebirth 2020 y Tomorrowland, where they will host the Q-Dance stage for a day.

At the end of this set, we ran off to the Lotto Arena to witness one of the most intense sessions of the night, overdose-set by Rebelion. A performance loaded with the best XtraRaw y pretty strong edits that left us all surprised. When we say that Rebellion and B-Front were one of the best sets of the night is for a reason, both sets were the only ones that managed to draw the applause of the thousands of people who were in Lotto Arena to witness both performances.

With this set done, it was time to move to the Main Stage since we would not move from it until the closing of the festival. In it, we had the performance of Warface and D-Sturb, who came to present their new album Synchronized. Were 45 minutes quite intense, where we could enjoy their new releases like Take on the world o Hit The Ground. On the other hand, other more recent topics such as Rebirth Anthem created by D- Sturb sounded during this performance.

Arrivals the 4:45 it was time to receive Minus Militia, who were returning to Reverze with his new album The Code of Conduct. The Union of Radical Redemption, Chain Reaction, Crypsis and Nolz It is worthy of admiration, that is why it was one of the most exclusive performances of this edition. They were one of the 30 most intense minutes of the nightwhere we could scream The Militia is Back, while enjoying a Oldschool hooligans that pulled the flag down.

The end of Reverze and we still had two performances ahead of us. It was time to receive the DJ and producer of Frenchcore, Sefa. Right from the beginning he managed to unleash the madness with a drop of his own Uptempo, at the same time that we enjoyed topics such as Walking in the air. Finally, we were able to witness live some of his most recent productions such as God's Plan or its remix to Crawling de Linkin Park .

The final touch of the edition was Angerfist and Mad Dog. The best Hardcore landed on Amberes, where we were able to witness a fusion of styles from mask man and from craziest hardcore from Italy. Topics like Solid Stigma o Reset they served to put full stop to one of the most complete editions of this festival.

15 years go a long way and if not, let them tell Bass Events with Reverze. An event that has managed to carve out a niche in the history of hard music and become a pilgrimage point for lovers of these sounds. Mandatory visit if this is your style. For our part, it has been a very beautiful experience and we assure you from now on that we will do everything possible to repeat next year. Until then and to get to know all the hidden details of this festival, we have prepared a guide for you with everything you need to attend from Spain. We hope you like it and it will help you!