Reverze 2021: the warriors are reborn in Antwerp

Reverze celebrates its 16th edition with Wake Of The Warrior at Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena as the first big Hard indoor festival of 2021.

The moment that all the fans have been waiting for months, has been fulfilled. The organization Bass Events, marked one of the last experiences to be held before confinement with Reverze. A year later and postponing their usual date to September, the warriors return to Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena.

After making a successful 15th anniversary, the new edition in Antwerp could not have a better return than with Wake Of The Warrior, making the anthem Refuzion. It took them a very short time to mark sold out at the beginning of February, but only the Sportpaleis. After postponing editing and the Belgian government beginning to ease restrictions, they were able to enable Lotto Arena.

You could say that Reverze, is one of the events that luck has accompanied him throughout this virus nightmare that the world has had. With the edition Wake Of The Warrior, are consolidated as the largest indoor Hard music event that has been held so far in 2021.

Reverze, Wake Of The Warrior

The line up, as usual, has been made up of the most outstanding artists of the moment. Within the multiple subgenres that lie in the Hard genre, a varied lineup has been formed with Hardstyle, Euphoric Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Frenchcore and Uptempo.

One of the great losses of the line up of Reverze Wake Of The Warrior was the cancellation of MYST. After one of the great figures of Hardstyle as MYST, released one of the best albums of the year called Trinity, announced the end of his DJ career, broke the hearts of many fans. The news caused a lot of sadness and it was a hard day in the world of genre, in addition to Reverze he was going to present Trinity. Instead, he was replaced by the talented producer Devin Wild, which to tell the truth, was one of the best performances of the night. Of course, he too was devastated at the news of MYST.

Days before the event, many fans of the toughest styles wondered if Reverze was going to have livestream. And indeed, this edition of Wake Of The Warrior, as in the previous ones, it has had free retransmission since Sportpaleis. Thousands of warriors from all over the world could enjoy the edition from home in case they could not attend the event.

Entering what really matters, the event. A sold out composed of 25.000 warriors, which practically did not fit in Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena. Before the event started, all the fans were already getting ready on the trains heading to Antwerp, singing and cheering for everyone around. One of the positive points it has Reverze, is that public transport to the event is free. People from different parts of Europe like France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and of course of Belgium.

In order to access the event, you had to present the vaccination certificate with the respective QR, otherwise you couldn't enter. In case you didn't have the certificate, you had to present a Negative PCR. After they validated the requirements and an exhaustive security check, they gave you a Echo Token. This consisted in that when you went to order the first drink, you could pay for the glass with the Echo Token, and save it to continue refilling the drink, instead of paying for it.

Many warriors did not take long to start their experience, entering the event from the first moment. Something to note was the number of people who purchased the ticket VIP instead of the general. After the doors were opened, there were always more people in the VIP area waiting to enter than in the general area. VIP holders had access to different points of the enclosures, as well as the free lockers. On the other hand, for those of the general admission it had a price of € 9.


Something that is completely necessary to highlight is the great difference between Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena. Of course, the production is on another level, and the visual spectacle is totally huge, as if you entered another dimension. However, the sound is very important and this is where it loses Sportpaleis. It is the main stage, and the one with the least acoustic power, something that has not happened in previous years. And it is that on numerous occasions you could not appreciate what song was really playing. Secondly, Lotto Arena although the capacity is less, the sound it had echoed the floor and every part of your body. This was something to consider quite what performances to watch, even if your favorite artist was in Sportpaleis, It generated an internal debate for many fans.

At XNUMX o'clock in the afternoon the doors were opened to start the performances of Jay Reeve in Lotto Arena, XNUMX minutes later Primesock in Sportpaleis. After the respective Sets by Primeshock & Jay Reeveto open the event, started Mandy, Mark With a K & Mc Chucky, as well as Audiotricz. The live broadcast began with the performance of Mark With a K & Mc Chucky in Sportpaleis, completely filling the venue, as it was one of the most anticipated performances of the night. Hours before it started Reverze, the artists came warning that they were going to bring several guests with them during the performances. This was more than an incentive for everyone to enter the event from the get-go.

They continued with the appearance of Sound Rush in Sportpaleis, and of JNXD at Lotto Arena. The brothers started the set with Hypnotized, collaboration with Rebelion. Previous days, Sound Rush They said they were going to release new music and they didn't disappoint at all. In addition to putting Come Back Home, hot-remix, The Great Escapeas well as the album Brothers. The surprise came with a more than special guest, Headhunterz. One of the most acclaimed figures on the scene Hardstyle, despite not being confirmed, he made an appearance to premiere the remix of Take It All. Needless to say when that happened, everything Sportpaleis fell apart with the public's reaction to seeing Headhunterz, and more with one of the most anticipated remixes.


The arrival of the golden duo better known as D-Block & S-te-Fan, was a turning point among thousands of warriors. They matched Aftershock, and despite the fact that the producers are going to release their fourth album Enter Your Mind, there were severe doubts between seeing them or not. At that moment, Sportapaleis was going to display all the production that it was hiding, but without exceeding that of last year, starting with Gates Of Paradise. They premiered songs like Fearless, and the best productions of their repertoire but the Sets are beginning to be very flat, although they continue to be hits. They put songs like Good Times, Believe, Fired Up Wildstylez remix, as well as Inside My Head or Sweet Dreams by Ghost Stories.

At Lotto Arena, Aftershock was doing a set that almost did not collapse the stage, because just by poking your head I was already blowing you up. He is winning hard to be one of the artists to be reckoned with with songs like Inner Universe, Rise Of The Machines, Infinite force Shutdown Anthem 2021, Reactivate and many more unpublished. The highlight of Aftershockwas when he made an appearance Adaro to premiered their collaboration The Now And Then.

Little by little each time the conflicts of who to see began to occur more, especially when it was time for the anthem show. While Refuzion was in Sportpaleis for the show of Wake Of The Warrior, production launched through Dirty Workz , eclipsed him Phuture Noize at Lotto Arena.

All warriors had one thing in mind: the set of Phuture Noize . It was one of the performances that created the most debate, for being in Lotto Arena instead of Sportpaleis. Here the organization of Reverze could have tried this change as more people wanted to get onto the stage than they could. In 2019 he presented Black Mirror Society on the main stage being full, after his last projects, who would not want to see him.

For this set of Phuture Noize was a complete surprise, since it was not going like Live. Many wondered if it was going to be a combination between Silver Bullet and Electronic Heartbreak EP. He started with his remix of Promise Land for the album of D-Block & S-te-Fan, but without playing the last drop that everyone expected. Continuing with hits like Drift Away, Edge Of Glory, Fire, We Are The Fallen, Starlight, Circles And Squares and My Beautiful Fantasy.

From his most recent Electronic Heartbreak EPjust played Memories, Maniac & Blame Game. Everyone was very surprised that he played so many songs by Sub Zero Project & D-Block & S-te-Fan as HALO, Time Machine, Takin 'Off Dj Isaac remix or Feel It!. Fans would have preferred to hear more songs from the EP or their album, as well as XNUMX or Masquerade, which took place on the set. But long, one of the best sets of the night if not the best. What Phuture Noize achieved in Lotto Arena was expected but exceeded expectations, hence the debate on why he was not at Sportpaleis.


We continue with another of the great moments, after it ended Phuture Noize . On the one hand, Da Tweekaz, which boast one of the broadest fan bases, and because of that, the stage was packed. They played unreleased songs like Firestarter and Animal In Me with Sound Rush & XCEPTION. And on the other hand the little one who became great among the greatest, Devin Wild.

Match artists like Da Tweekaz is a challenge, and more after being the replacement of someone as relevant as MYST. The dj and producer Devin Wild, demonstrated with determination why he is being one of the most talented artists of the moment, being the set that possibly rocked the venue the most. Without exaggeration, he made you rumble down to your hair and feel all the kicks in your chest. Songs like Broken, Creature or his most recent Scream Louder, besides The Innergame and Wild Wild Son remix, in addition to daring to put a couple of doses of Drum & Bass. His tribute to MYST, adding the song Before You Go to the set to finish crowning.

Continuing the event with warriors like Hard Driver presenting Chemistry with songs like Edge Of Darkness, corresponding to his album, as one of the best performances in Sportpaleis. And on the other hand the wolves, better known as Frequencerz, to turn upside down Lotto Arena with unreleased songs and the long-awaited remix of Stay For It.

Reverze, Sub Zero Project

The conflict that most divided the warriors was that of Sub Zero Project & B-Front. Two unmissable performances at an event but this time you had to choose between the future or the experience. No matter which one you decided to go for, you were going to enjoy it anyway. The conflict lasted 30 minutes, but enough to not fully enjoy the experience of both.

We start with Sub Zero Project, being one of the best figures on the scene at this moment. Last year they premiered in Reverze Rave Into Space, with an unparalleled production, before one of the best songs of XNUMX. For this edition Wake Of The Warrior started with their most successful song of XNUMX, HALO. A set full of edits and productions like Enter The Realm, Base, Sinners Paradise, Time Machine or Obey No More, like the most recent ones. One of the great moments was when they took the stage Coone for playing Face Of A Champion.

Like last year, what B-Front did in Lotto Arena, history was repeating itself. A set to feel the music flowing through you above all else and become one after an hour. The energy was so strong, that the same B-Front could not calculate the time well, and he did not have time to present an unreleased song. The repertoire had the best it has been doing in recent months, with unreleased and official songs such as Falling, Unfold me and Thank God For Music EP.

Between the performances Sub Zero Project & B-Front, there was also the Reverze Flashback by Pat B, as one of the most emblematic Sets of the night. A distinguished selection of tracks, managed to make a plenary session in Sportpaleis. And it was to be expected, that one of the members of the old school, gave a real class on how to keep the whole public active. After that, another of the great conflicts like the previous one came, but this time between Ran-D & Vertile.

There was no doubt that one of the big bets and that you could not miss was to Vertile at Lotto Arena. He was the one who changed the sound design of the last performances, proving that he is the best feeling of the Rawstyle at the moment. Productions such as Change This Place, On My Own, Not My Affection, Echoes remix and Walk With Me.

As always, Ran-D is one of the veterans and nobody wants to miss him above any other, but this time deserved to prioritize Vertile. Unreleased songs like Tomorrow Never Comes or We Are The Storm, bringing as a special guest LePrince. In addition to others like Fight Fire With Fire, Virtual Reality , Dance with the devil and also Seek & Destroy by Gunz For Hire, premiering a new song with Adaro.

One of the best sets that could have been seen is N-Vitral in Lotto Arena, and not D- Sturb, the second set was very flat. After several hours, at dawn you need more energy than it was offering, and more being one of the most anticipated performances. But what made it stand out from the set of D- Sturb was the appearance of great guests such as Vertile and a very unexpected and necessary one, Radical Redemption.


The last sets were in charge of Act of Rage & Rejecta, Deadly Guns, Partyraiser & Dr. Peacock. All four of them were difficult decisions, as they were very good performances to choose to end an incredible experience. Live a Rejection is a good decision, after the great appearances that both have made in recent months. As with one of the great figures of Hardcore like Deadly Guns, who did not lower the bpms at any time, leaving the bar very high for his successor in the Lotto Arena. One of the kings of the Uptempo I was on my way to close this stage. Partyraiser he gutted each of the attendees with his powerful productions, which made all the stands of the venue tremble.

At the last minute the lack of energy was already noticeable and many warriors preferred to see the artists from the stands. Better that than missing one of the best performances, but there was still strength left to continue on the dance floor and take the final photos with friends. Dr. Peacock He was in charge of giving that epic closing that everyone expected for the main stage. Based on a french core well melodic, certain adrenaline injections with Uptempo and the liveliness of Da Mouth of Madness, they held the audience until the final whistle of the long-awaited Belgian event.

Another edition of Reverze of the organization Bass Events, which goes back to the history books. They have not given the warriors time to rest when they have already announced the date of the next event and ticket sales. Nor is it something that costs much thought, because the decision is easy to make. See you at the 17th edition of Reverze on March 12, 2022for more information, go to the official page of Reverze.

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