Reverze culminates a historic week with its 'Synergy' edition

Prior to its 20th anniversary, Reverze celebrated one of its best editions to date with a spectacular staging.

A successful and historic 19th edition. This would be our title for what happened last weekend at Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena. Not yet held, announced a historic milestone for the festival: Reverze 2024 will take place over 2 days. An upgrade for a festival that was already positioned as, speaking of one-day events, one of the best of the hardstyle genre both in Belgium and around the world.

We entered the event without complications, since at no time were there queues to enter. After having previously seen its construction on social networks, our theory was confirmed, it would have a circular and mobile base. It reminded us of the Amsterdam Music Festival 2015 mainstage, although the artists' own visuals enhanced it much more. Lotto Arena was again illuminated with several screens, perfect for performances like Rebelion Overdose or The Purge with Trippin'. Difficult decision which to choose, although it's true that the sound of the Lotto Arena plays in another league.


Our path at Reverze began at the Lotto Arena with the Scantraxx artists Keltek & Devin Wild. Keltek was presented with a show that has already been shown throughout Europe as is 'The Compass'. Several edits of his most famous songs and some tracks to be released. Meanwhile, Devin Wild made the floor of the Lotto Arena vibrate again Like in 2021 with those kicks so his, plus an edit to the classic 'Bonfire' by Knife Party.

coone presented himself with a new album under his arm (and with a new baby, too) at Reverze. In addition to his recently released 'Bowy', he premiered several solo tracks in addition to two new collabs with Timmy Trumpet and Rooler respectively. Subsequently, one of the most anticipated best of the festival arrived. Sound Rush began their set with 'Synergy', anthem of the festival. A more than deserved recognition to some essential artists in this scene.

We alternated Sound Rush set with one of our favorite hardstyle tandems: B-Front vs. Phuture Noize. Gave us time to enjoy 'Gates to Kingdom', some of their collabs and the Phuture Noize album on the way 'from star to stardust'. Then another b2b. Thyron and Aversion, who in addition to getting used to fake drops, were one of the most forceful sets of the festival.

D-Block & S-te-Fan premiered their first LIVE, a set format that many artists are now opting for. New edits to 'Let The Music Play' or 'Gave U My Love', their new ID 'Someone To Believe In' (title not confirmed yet) and the long awaited 'Godd Is a DJ' which has finally been released. Next, Sub Zero Project and their show 'Psychodelic'. After the world premiere at APEX, they traced the set with IDs like 'Psychodelic', 'LFG Psycho' and 'Illusions', as well as playing Defqon.1's upcoming anthem 'Path Of The Warrior'. Unlike APEX, they didn't play their long-awaited collab with Hardwell 'Judgement Day', which will be released after Ultra Miami.

The Purge presented its new format of 'Trippin' while the Lotto Arena was getting more and more crowded. He played his collab with Bloodlust for the first time, He made us remember every moment of summer with 'Vendetta' and he kept everyone who attended his set enjoying his style. Finally, what was possibly the most anticipated set of the festival. Rebelion Overdose landed with their next album 'The Second Dose'. A spectacular set again, with edits to their previous tracks and with an unintentional system crash that ended up making their set more real.

Vertile took us to his own dimension with a set that could perfectly be among the best of this 19th edition. Like every Live, several edits to their best-known songs, an 'Eyes Open' that looks like it will finally be released and a nod to uptempo that likes and dislikes in equal parts. D- Sturb picked up the difficult witness after the sets of Rebelion Overdose and Vertile's Dimension. With his new show 'Welcome to my Playground', premiered Impact, the first track of the 6 that will be released under this show, in addition to 'Reflection', which already played at Karnaval Festival.

Rooler and Warface appeared together after D-Sturb's performance to premiere 'Flyin' High', their new collaboration together. Both individually and The Gang, Rooler is growing by leaps and bounds to become one of the most popular artists in the last year. To end, Dimitri K would close the mainstage before the impossibility of Partyraiser when being sick.

Ultimately, an A+ for one of Reverze's biggest edits in its entire history. From the line up to the design of the stages. Also note that a person from the organization was watching at all times that the toilets were clean, in addition to not having long queues. Regarding the VIPs, it has been improved compared to other years, with the central area of ​​Sportpaleis available. Special mention also to both the organization and Hard News for supporting new talents with their stage 'Future Heroes'. To put a but, the fact of not being able to access the Lotto Arena at sometimes (although yes to the stands).

Reverze 2024 will be a historic edition for Bass Events since, as we spoke previously, it will take place 2 days. Tickets are now available on your website. If you need information on how to attend Reverze, you can consult our guide with tips and recommendations after having attended for the third time.