Reverze's legacy

Reverze, one of the biggest hardstyle festivals, successfully celebrated its 20 years of existence with its first 2-day edition.

This time, it is not going to be the typical chronicle of a festival. Whenever we attend one, we talk about the artists we have seen, how many IDs have played and in general, about our experience. After 20 years of Reverze, It is time to give the importance it deserves to the festival itself. There were spectacular sets, very good and good in general, but this remains in the background.

It all started 4 years ago, exactly on March 7th. The world seemed to break into pieces with the arrival of COVID and this was the last opportunity to enjoy a festival. Reverze became a special festival from that day because we all knew that we would not enjoy an event again for many months. As a curiosity, Reverze was one of the few events (perhaps the only one, I don't know if there were more) that was held every year during the pandemic.


Since then, as Festival Season, we have been to each and every edition since that day. Reverze is the answer to the question of which festival you should attend abroad. The line up has many unique and exclusive performances, which on many occasions, occur for the first time there. It is the moment when many artists present those songs for the first time. that should ring throughout the summer. It is, let's say, the Ultra Miami of hardstyle.

This latest edition combined everything mentioned above with a spectacular staging, totally fitting with what the artists wanted to show. The structure of all its panels further enhanced an artist's set. In addition, the fact that it was 2 days helped to provide more space when it came to dancing and enjoying each of the sets. There were not even access problems at the Lotto Arena. Definitely, a 10/10 in almost every aspect. Thank you, to all those who have converted to Reverze already Bass Events, in a top-level festival and promoter, respectively. Happy 20 years!


The next edition of Reverze will be held again on February 24 and 25, so we recommend you pay attention to its social media for more information. We will update our guide on how to attend Reverze once tickets are announced.

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