REZZ announces Spiral album and releases "Chemical Bond" with Deathpact

REZZ announces her fourth full-length album Spiral and releases the first song called "Chemical Bond" with Deathpact.

The news that many fans have been waiting for a long time has finally come true. The alarms went off, when last year REZZ chatted with Underoath, in an interview about new projects. Everything exploded when the artist mentioned that she was working on her fourth studio album, and finally announced it under the name of Spiral.

It has rained a lot since that talk in August 2020, because weeks later she released one of her most anticipated songs, Orbit. With the entry of 2021, REZZ He started it off with a remix to his dear friend Garrett, better known as i_o, to the song Violence, also created by Grimes. A month later she surprised all the fans with a massive song called sacrificial, next to the band PLRIS.

When the entire electronic music scene was more than aware of the album by REZZ, but it was not yet known when it would be launched, she hypnotized everyone. The most anticipated collaboration in recent years, was coming true, REZZ & deadmau5 collaborated in hypnocurrency, astonishing the entire industry. She is quite a box of surprises, and of course she was causing sensations again, with the first song between REZZ & Dove Cameron called Taste Of You.

In the last weeks, REZZ confirmed a new collaboration between her and deathpact, which was premiered at Brooklyn Mirage. While all the fans waited for the song, REZZ gave the big announcement of the fourth album Spiral. It didn't take five minutes for her to have the whole scene pending on her.

REZZ, Deathpact, Chemical Bond, Spiral

This fall, we will have on all platforms the fourth studio album of REZZ, called Spiral. The song is released on all digital platforms during the celebration REZZ Rocks II. It is the third time that the artist conquers Red Rocks, and also with all the tickets sold.

The first song the artist offers is a new collaboration with deathpact, under the name of Chemical Bond. With this, they go three times in which both figures have worked for the creation of a production. The first of all was in Life & Death, for the album Certain Kind of Magic. On the other hand, the second collaboration came for Beyond The Senses EP with production Kiss of Death.

Once again, we have you both back, this time for the new album. Spiral of REZZ, which will see the light very soon. They present the song Chemical Bond, being the first of Spiral, between dark atmospheres that lead to a dimension that you will not be able to escape, but that you will not want to leave either. They induce you into a hypnotic and irreversible state of mind, faced with singular and sinister notes, under an ethereal pressure that gives off darkness.

Do not lose sight of the social networks of REZZ because Chemical Bond is the first song of her fourth album Spiral, in collaboration with deathpact, now available on all platforms.

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