Rotterdam Rave announces line up for Indoor event

One of the events held by Rotterdam Rave presents the complete poster for the celebration of a double edition for the first time.

rotterdam rave It is an organization with pure techno as a base where all its growth has been carried out in the city that its name indicates, Rotterdam. The location is on the premises Maassilo, which became the headquarters since 2014. It is an old concrete factory that was formerly used as a warehouse, it is the perfect setting for a rave of these characteristics. The warehouse becomes a cave with fireworks, lasers, flamethrowers, visuals and light shows, all together make an ideal space for holding these events.

At the Rave by day, starting with the room Control we have the B2B between Amelie Lens y Airod, Anfisa Letyago, Pan pot y Joyhauser. In the room Machine: Farago, Hush & Sleep, Kobosil, Rod y Stranger. Finally, in the room Radar,: Cynthia Spiering, Those, [KRTM], Nico Moreno y Trym.

At the Rave by night, we found the take over of the label of Amelie Lens called EXHALE, she herself will be present with Airod, Farago, FJAAK y Kobosil. In the room Radar, the artists will be Anfisa Letyago, Joyhauser, Lilly Palmer y spectrum. Finally in the room Machine only Speedy J with a session that will last all night.

You can see artists who will perform sets both during the day and at night, being the case of Amelie Lens, Airod, Anfisa Letyago, Joyhauser, Farrago and Kobosil. In this way, having the ticket for the two events you can make a better organization and have the possibility of seeing a large number of artists. The daytime schedule is the first time it has been held, this double event has never happened before.

Only tickets are available for the day event, they can be found and purchased from the official website of Rotterdam Rave. Tickets for the evening event have been sold out for quite some time due to high demand.