Scantraxx announces We Create Memories live from Koepelkerk Amsterdam

Scantraxx announces a live broadcast for next May 8 called "We Create Memories" from Koepelkerk, Amsterdam.

The scene Hard they know how to take good care of it and they continue to show it day after day. Many people around the world, listeners of electronic music, are not fond of the harsher sounds that this broad genre encompasses. And at the moment that they succumb to this genre that every day is having more fans all over the world, there is no going back; the scene Hard It is one of the genres that the listener is most cared for.

Throughout these months, various live broadcasts have been carried out by Q-dance; Defqon.1 at Home o Qlimax The Source, to mention the biggest. And recently REBiRTH Festival & E-WAXFestival, with a whole day of Hard. For the next one 8 de May de 2021will be broadcast by the record label of The Prophet, Scantraxx.

Scantraxx, We Create Memories, Devin Wild, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Demin Kanon, Adrenalize, Rebelion, Imperatorz, Kronos, Dj Isaac

The scene Hard will be more united than ever, from home, but with the soul in Dome church, Amsterdam, the next May 8. Scantraxx will offer a broadcast from an incredible location where we can see DJ Sets of great artists of this genre such as; Adrenalize, D-Attack, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Demi Kanon, Devin Wild, DJ Isaac, DJ The Prophet, Imperatorz, Kronos & Rebelion.

Scantraxx We Create Memories It will give a lot to talk about during the live broadcast, because all the artists who will perform have something special. With the official announcement that D-Block & S-te-Fan they're going to release a new studio album, enter your mind, the performance will be one of the most acclaimed. Devin Wild will present a new The_Innergame Set, without letting you down Reverze last year. Rebelion they are being the sensations of the scene and more with his last song Ghost Of Us. As well as DJ Isaac with the release of one of his most anticipated unreleased songs, Follow Me. All of the above mentioned as Adrenalize, D-Attack, Demi Kanon, The Prophet, Imperatorz & Kronos they will give the Bpms we need the most from home.

For more information about the event, you can register on the official website of Scantraxx.

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