Zhe Lab returns to Zaragoza to celebrate its second edition

After hold its first event at the Caesaraugusta Theater, the Zhe Lab team will return on December 26, this time at the Old Mercantile Casino.

The team of ZheLab it's back! After having held your first event in the past September 21 in the Caesaraugusta Theater, it is time to go up one more step. The new location chosen to celebrate this second edition is another emblematic place of Zaragoza, Old Mercantile Casino.

This chosen location is endowed with a total capacity of 800 people and almost 1 century of history. It will be an event for those who want to enjoy the music electronic music scene in connection with the history yel cultural heritage of Zaragoza.

For this occasion, the artists who will be present on the poster will be, bihotza, Naturale and Kuaigon, the latter belonging to the SUPRMODE label. Hopefully it will be another opportunity to publicize this new event in the Aragonese city.

From the festival-season we encourage you to attend the next December 26, so that Let's promote and help these types of local events grow. For our part we confirm attendance!

For those who do not yet know ZheLab, we leave you with the session of The dirty playerz in the Caesaraugusta Theater last September 21.