Sensation returns to Amsterdam!

The white festival will return on July 4, 2020 to the Dutch capital after its edition "The Final" in 2017.

The year 2017 announced the latest edition of an event as special as Sensation. A festival in which all attendees and staff members they wear white 2001 since.
This tradition arose due to the death of Miles stutterheim, brother of one of the founders of Sensation. The organization suggested to the attendees, without being obligatory, to wear white in homage to Miles (at his funeral they all dressed like that). Most of the attendees wanted to join in the tribute and in the end it became a requirement.

Despite his end in Amsterdam, Sensation continued organizing events in the rest of the world (in Spain we were able to enjoy it on November 3th 2018), which made us hope to see him again in Holland.

Fortunately, today we have received with joy the great news that Sensation go back to Amsterdam. It will be the Saturday 4 2020 July and, like its previous editions, it will be held again at the Johan Cruijff ArenA, a spectacular place for a festival as we could already see in the AMF. This time they promise go further«.

You can now pre-register en su web. The first tickets will go on sale on Monday February 10th 2020 and hotel packages will be available from next Monday, December 16. In the 2014 edition the hotel packages included some gifts from Sensation, which if repeated could be a good incentive to opt for that option.

After pre-registration, Sensation tells us the dates on which we can get tickets

Sensation It is a highly recommended event. Even more so in their edition of the Dutch capital, where they always perform a unique show that, on occasions, later lead to other cities on a smaller scale.
Personally, I can only speak highly of the 2014 ("Welcome to the Pleasuredome") and 2015 ("The Legacy") editions. The latter was a special edition for the 15th anniversary. The setting was an absolute marvel mixing stages from previous years, which speaks highly of how they take care of the details.

Are you going to lose it?

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