Xavi remixes "Don't Wanna Fall" by Seven Lions, Last Heroes & HALIENE

Xavi remixes the Seven Lions, Last Heroes & HALIENE production called "Don't Wanna Fall" via Ophelia Records.

Life is a continuous space-time in which opportunities arise that we cannot miss when they present themselves to us. In the world of music, not everyone has an opportunity or even have it and not know how to take advantage of it. Currently if we can mention one who is taking advantage of it and is enjoying this opportunity like no other and that is Xavi.

The young producer has fully entered the label of Seven Lions where he will soon release his debut album called «To The Endless Searing Skies«. So far he has featured two songs called neverless y The Warmth Of Known, in addition to having the opportunity to be in charge of making mix number 9 of Ophelia's Odyssey and be present in VISIONS 7.

Seven Lions, Xavi, Last Heroes, HALIENE, Ophelia Records

As if that were not enough, the artist has a large number of remixes, such as «Lift me from the ground» to Saint Holo, who are "Innocence» or «All my friends» to Madeon, Even "Shelter«. In addition to these mentioned above, he has also remixed several other productions such as Lyon, Virtual Self y clown core. Awaiting the arrival of the long-awaited debut album, Ophelia Records wants to offer us a remix for Xavi.

Officially he has the honor that one of his remixes is officially released and not just any production. The chosen one is «Don't Wanna Fall» to Seven Lions, Last Heroes & HALIENE, being one of the songs that the fandom likes the most. Xavi has gone for a spin on the song with Drum 'N Bass sensibilities. Without forgetting the characteristics and concepts it addresses, as in his previous productions. The design that the dj and producer has is totally unique and is currently generating a lot of repercussion for it on social networks.

On January 15, he had the opportunity to be the special guest of Jason Ross in The Atlas. Acting before more than 15.000 viewers from home, all of them being amazed by the remix. He is living a great opportunity and I hope he continues to enjoy it and that the debut album is heard by all possible people.

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