Seven Lions, Trivecta & Blanke are "Wild and Broken"

Seven Lions, Trivecta & Blanke release their long-awaited collaboration called "Wild and Broken" alongside RBBTS via Ophelia Records.

Without slowing down the releases, Ophelia Records are once again the great protagonists of the week. The group of artists that make up the family of Seven Lions had a great experience in the past Sunset Music Festival. On the one hand, Trivecta starred in one of the best appearances to date, in this new return to events. And on the other hand, Seven Lions on the main stage premiering a long-awaited song.

In the last weeks, Trivecta shared a video on social networks showing one of his collaboration; adding interrogations to the artists. In a very short time, fans guessed who participated in the collaboration and it was premiered in Sunset Music Festival. To the joy of all and of that incredible weekend full of emotions, it is the new launch in Ophelia Records.

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The production they present is wild and broken, being the first time that the three collaborate together. Furthermore, it is also the first time that Trivecta & Blanke and Seven Lions & Blanke in the same song. Blanke remixed the song Another Way by Seven Lions, included in Find Another Way EP. On the other hand, this is the second time that Trivecta & Seven Lions have worked together. The last time they both made an appearance in a song was in fact one of the best of the record label to date, Island. Nor is it the first time RBBTS at Ophelia Records, they already collaborated with Seven Lions & MitiS in the song Break The Silence.

The three of them come together to bring a unique track combining the best of them together with RBBTS. The track opens silently, as if the adventure were about to begin, inducing you in the context until entering folkloric overtones. Each part is very well identified, following the respective sound designs of each producer. A four-minute melodic experience releasing the best sensations inside the listener.

After the last appearance of Blanke with Dia Frampton in the song Spark, it is a pleasure to see him again in Ophelia Records. You can listen to the new collaboration on all platforms wild and broken by Seven Lions, Trivecta, Blanke & RBBTS.

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