Shadient reveals debut album "Have You No Burden"

Shadient reveals his long-awaited debut album "Have You No Burden" comprised of a total of thirteen songs on Gud Vibrations.

One of the most anticipated albums of this year finally sees the light through the record label of NGHTMRE & SLANDER. After the hundredth release of Gud Vibrations, with the production Shell Shock, debut album revealed Have You No Burden by Shadient.

London-based experimental bass producer Morgan Hicks pushes the limits of his own sound, marking a before and after in his professional career. As one of the most anticipated projects on the electronic music scene, shaded is also consolidated as one of the best projects of Gud Vibrations, and of the industry, of this year 2021.

A body made up of a total of thirteen productions, taking bass music to another level, reflecting all his emotions, heart, and soul in them. The artist's entire professional career is to be admired and valued, since he has suffered from depression since 2015. He realized when he was in college, what was a very vulnerable moment in his life, since he had several personal issues dragging on. But one thing he had always held on to to escape feelings was making music.

Shadient, Have You No Burden, Gud Vibrations, SLANDER, NGHTMRE, Gud Vibrations
Sort Of Hell
Sympathy Coil Ft. fknsyd
Insane Ego
Don't Make A Sound Ft. Sh4dows
Crash Ft. fknsyd & Catnapp
In Your Absence
Dancing Alone Again Ft. fknsyd
your light
Memorie Loss
All of this

At the time it started to inhibit his creativity and ability to even start making any kind of music that felt promising. He spent a lot of time learning about reflection, self-esteem, self-confidence… all those things that amounted to the person he is today. 

Every day he struggle with all of these problems, but he think it applies to all mental health problems, but they never really go away. You get better and better at coping and learning to speak with that voice in your head instead of getting rid of it.

Depression, for him, is a conversion caused by external means, to a part of his mind that tells him if it is a good idea to reach out. He has lived with this depressing voice in his mind for years. By the time he found out that all countries were entering a state of lockdown and everyone's travel was being inhibited. In the same way that depression did with his music, he felt compelled to make it as a place people went when they felt sad.

He is one of those people who endure sadness by giving himself to it. When he's really struggling in his life, he doesn't listen to overtly happy music to avoid the feeling, specifically he find the most heartbreaking and painful music he can find so that you can really swim in the feeling. So it eventually reaches a point where his mind naturally denies the feeling.

Knowing that everyone in the world was suffering, it was like a moment of complete rest for him. Finally, all the happy people he always saw online sharing their best moments were guaranteed to be in the same circumstances as him. The world was in an apocalyptic state he wanted to use his existing pain as a way for people who like his music to know that, here is some music to familiarize yourself with this painful space. So you know that you are not alone with the feeling.

He has been making tunes as a hobby since 2007. He never took it seriously until 2014-2015 when people started offering him things for his music. Record label deals, putting his songs on TV shows and stuff… But in a very strange way he feels grateful to get into the depressed state. He has encouraged himself over the years, to see it almost as his inner voice telling him to face the reality of the situation, in which he would have otherwise avoided it in recent years. It doesn't really affect his music anymore because he never finds himself making music for anyone other than himself these days.

Clarify that from time to time that corrupt and evil word called "compare", sneaks into the vocabulary of his head and begins to base my first steps on the end of people. On his debut album Have You No Burden, kept all the music slow and melancholic. He wanted the music, as accurately as possible, to represent the pain he has felt for the past 6 years. Whether it's through his voice buzzing some intentionally gloomy lyrics or an absurdly distorted synth that sounds like a tornado siren. shaded just wanted to make a complete body of art that would really speak from her heart, and that is the heart of a person who has seen, felt and lived a very hard life.

A life reflected in Have You No Burden, made up of a total of thirteen productions. The way that shaded has grappled with depression for so many years, it is personified in this artwork via the record label of NGHTMRE & SLANDER Gud Vibrations.

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