Shanghai Doom reappears on WAKAAN with their "Dark Waters" LP

Shanghai Doom are back in WAKAAN and this time they come loaded with nine tracks that together make up their new "Dark Waters" LP.

Shanghai Doom is a music duo of bass, from Central Jersey. Since their powerful appearance in 2017, their releases have not stopped and the quality of their productions has been increasing. Inspired by the more sinister things that make up life, the American duo have focused especially on the Experimental Bass, immersing themselves in many different sounds and styles. An undeniable ability to create gruesome atmospheres has gotten them where they are and they are completely determined to stay.

Their productions focus on creating masterfully mixed and interlaced dark tones, thus absorbing you in a dense and gloomy atmosphere. We can highlight among them: interdimensional funk & Consensus in solitary; Survival EP in the year 2018; a terrible hearing destruction known as Biohazard EP; they were part of the compilation of Bass Rush Records: The Prophecy Vol. 1 with a track called Coconuts; its fabulous premiere in WAKAAN with Essex with a two-track EP called Soul Stone; or even their most recent Power Generator EP published on the famous label of Subtronics known as Cyclops Recordings.

Their spectacular production quality has earned them the support of artists such as Liquid Stranger, Mr Carmack & TYNAN, among others. Thanks to this, it has led them to directly support great artists such as Shlump or LSDream in the Universal Wub Tour and on festival stages such as WAKAAN-Festival & equinox-festival.

After four years of musical careers, the duo Shanghai Doom has decided to debut in a big way with a wonderful nine-track compilation called Dark Waters LP. Released through the famous label of the producer of Swedish origin Liquid Stranger, WAKAAN welcomes this powerful duo back into its ranks.

Always maintaining the line and its own essence, the duo this passage of terror with their first track of the LP called Sonar. Calm and darkness take over the listener, as the seconds pass. Squirm is the name of the second production and goes beyond the limits of the imagination, with a vomiting sound resembling that of the well-known Snails.

The power is established primordial in this third track called Deep Sea Creatures, which together with the one that precedes it called Underwater Devices, create a true symbiosis of abstract sounds worthy of the darkest depths of the underwater ecosystem.

drowning, Signals & Submersible, are the names given to the next three tracks on the LP. Same nature as the previous ones but different atmospheres in each one of them. In the second, the harshness and the rhythms marked in each measure predominate along with such random and remarkable sounds. However, all of them are marked by the same pattern: the stranger it sounds, the better. WAKAAN It is something that is very rewarding and it is something that your listeners love.

The penultimate track on the LP is called Murky and it is an experimental collaboration with leet. Sound by sound, they immerse you in a hostile and dark environment, where you do not know where the dangers that lurk are going to arrive. At the end of the day, the American duo prefers to close in style and stop nonsense. With Darkness, touch the depths of darkness and the unknown, approaching liquid sounds and inaccurate textures.

An empirical masterpiece, which is once again released through WAKAAN. You can now enjoy the new creation of Shanghai Doom baptized with the name of Dark Waters LP.