Shlump returns to WAKAAN with Tafa Laylor with "LIT"

Shlump is a repeat offender in WAKAAN more than once, and now he's back with singer Tafa Laylor, to finally offer us his famous "LIT".

Michael Petzel is known worldwide by the name of Shlump. He is a young American producer, born in Santa Cruz (California). We know little else about him. The rest are all good things. An excellent artist, who takes his productions to the extreme. A characteristic style has allowed him to be part of WAKAAN several times.

His musical repertoire is not very extensive but it is not short either. Creations worth enjoying and to make you recognize the high level of the artist. Among them we can distinguish: a very special album for his solo career back in 2014 called Hydro; a four track EP known as Program Malfunction EP thrown through Circus Records; his debut EP on WAKAAN under the name of Like A Drug where he upset all his listeners and showed that this was just the beginning of something very big; his recent collaboration with SubDocta known to all as cave dub, among other…

Shlump, Tafa Laylor, LIT, WAKAAN

After a year and a half of waiting, it finally reaches our ears and officially LIT, one of the most desired productions of the young American. According Shlump, said creation was going to be launched at the beginning of the year 2020, but the pandemic hit the whole world and it could not be made possible. Yet the time has come and WAKAAN take the controls to launch this great collaboration with Tafa Laylor.

A perfect voice as well as a tremendously prepared base produced by a great creator of auditory wonders. Those alien sounds along with the high level of rapping from Tafa Laylor, there is a wonderful symbiosis between vocal and those Alien Bass so characteristic of the young producer.

You can now enjoy the latest creation of Shlump with Tafa Laylor, launched through one of the best labels in bass: WAKAAN. Commanded by Liquid Stranger keep delivering what they promise week by week. We expected no less from them.