Sickmode & Mish finally present "One And Only"

Following "OH RIGHT" and "Area 51", Sickmode & Mish are tandeming for the third time on "One And Only" via Aggresive Records.

A beautiful coincidence and one of the couples most adored by both fans and colleagues. Mish & Sickmode they are nail and flesh. They have collaborated together in "OH RIGHT" y "Area 51" and as they say, there are no two without three. "One And Only" It is the third collaboration of both through the Aggresive Records label.

On his set for HSU Events 2 weeks ago, Sickmode himself showed all attendees a preview of the track (30:13). With an impressive melody, the vocal is gaining prominence throughout the track until the moment of the first drop in which both vowel, melody and kicks merge in unison. Subsequently, the melody remains in the background to give still more consistency and strength to the track with the kicks. Total success of both, in what we believe will be one of the themes of the month of the subgenre.

Enjoy One And Only on the platform Spotify and supports both Mish as sickmode through their social networks. We hope and wish it is not the last releases together!

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