Skybreak & Nytrix send "Our Moving Picture" to Heaven Sent

Skybreak & Nytrix release their new collaboration called "Our Moving Picture" on SLANDER Heaven Sent Records.

A new week we have music sent from above by the record label of SLANDER. In the last weeks Heaven Sent Records has offered great projects such as Sanctuary EP & Best Part Of Me EP by the producers amidy & N3WPORT , respectively. In addition to productions such as Good News, Umbra o skin-to-skin.

They recently debuted nythrix & Minerva for the launch of your collaboration love runs away, becoming one of the best so far. Weeks later, the producer nythrix reappears in Heaven Sent Records for another new song, this time with sky break.

Under the name of Our Moving Pictures get a new piece for the record label of SLANDER. It has certain influences that in the previous production love runs away, but with deeper elements. Vocal performance is always a great plus in these types of productions and they solidify it even more with an optimistic design.

If you attend Star Base Music Festival you will be able to see the new debutant live. Enjoy on all platforms the new song by sky break & nythrix called Our Moving Pictures through Heaven Sent Records.

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