Snowdaze gets ready for its next edition

After the official presentation of the event at the Snowzone Xanadú on January 18, Snowdaze Festival recharges the batteries for its next edition.

Began snow daze the road to its second edition with the first confirmations of Andrea Oliva, Les Castizos y TAAO Kroos. Objective, obviously overcome the previous edition. Therefore, as a Christmas gift, they decided to enhance one of their confirmations from last year. Not only was the return of Dj NanoIf not, I know he brought his show Oro Viejo, through which Candanchú could live one of the greatest tributes to dance music.

On March 18, the official presentation of the event on the Snowzone trail in Xanadu. Jose AM together with TAAO Kroos spearheaded the event, followed by Alekos Rubio, Gerox y Victor D.. In it, we would be participants of three more confirmations. Andres Campo, more than known as Florida resident 135, would be the star confirmation, followed by Jose AM (participate in the party) and Dj marta.

In the absence of the last confirmations for the festival, the day February 2 the Mainstage will be unveiled for this next edition. The previous edition featured 65.000 WATTS, 120 m2 of LEDs, 60 moving heads and a size of 25 meters wide. You can consult the chronicle of the previous edition here.

For more information and ticket sales consult the websites for Snowdaze Festival. Enjoy with us a weekend of skiing y electronic music!

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