Solomun presented Diynamic at Brunch Electronik Madrid

Brunch Electronik successfully presented his fifth installment of the season in Madrid with Solomun at Ifema.

This season comes with changes regarding the location. The usual place of the event in Parque Enrique Tierno Galván is left aside to stay in the locations of CIVITAS Metropolitan, IFEMA MADRID Fairground, as well as the Manzanares Linear Park being able to accommodate thousands of people.

On this occasion the Bosnian-German Solomun arrives at the Open Air version of the Spanish brand presenting its own party Diynamic. The dj and producer will be accompanied by a large entourage of artists such as Johannes brecht in Live format, lovefoxy y Berenice together Maya B. conducting an opening B2B session.

Brunch is in a great moment with regard to ticket sales for all its events this season. This is the fifth event of the 2023 season, with only three dates remaining to end its season in the capital of our country. Solomun It is synonymous with the masses and it could not be less in this show. He DJ continue at the top with your session Solomon +1 en Pacha Ibiza summer after summer

We accessed the venue around 19:XNUMX p.m. finishing the set of Johannes brecht and login lovefoxy. Is DJ hails from Berlin and is a fresh and exciting new artist. He draws a lot of inspiration from the '90s house sound that surrounded her from a very young age. The distinctive sound of it is full of energy and the right punch. She is a DJ explicitly house music, and crafts its sound with the warm and welcoming rhythms of the genre's early days.

The most awaited moment has arrived Solomun He took control of the cabin and that was noticeable in the environment. All attendees expectant as if it were a church waiting for its pastor. The atmosphere that the Bosnian generates is something exceptional, as there is a unique magic and a special closeness between the public and the DJ, something only achieved by those like Solomun They know how to read their audience and take them to the top on a true journey for the senses. For a reason he is considered one of the greatest references of house and techno house worldwide.

Around 23:XNUMX p.m. it began to rain, until that moment the sky had respected despite the predictions of rain much earlier. At first the rain is even graceful but then it becomes heavy. It started when it rained hard and highlight here the performance of the team of Electronik Brunch when distributing raincoats in all the bars so that attendees could continue enjoying the session despite the rain.

He left us a set of three and a half hours in which he raised the bpms mixing house, techno house and groove to end forcefully and his most underground version without ever losing his style.

Finally, I would like to thank Solomun in the networks to the attendees for giving their best and enjoying the moment despite the weather conditions. The DJ could see how much of the ravers didn't care about the rain and would stay there until the end.

Madrid, that was something exceptional! And if I were to describe the last two hours of my set in a poetic way: as the wind whipped the torrential rain into my face, I felt like a captain at sea, trying to navigate the whole ship through the eye of the storm. …great respect to all who braved the elements, I won't forget tonight!


There is no doubt that it was an atypical event but we can say that it has been one of the great events of the season in Madrid. The next show of Electronik Brunch It will be the following weekend with the union with Zamnah Festival. It will be the turn of Cassian, KASST and the duo Mathame, melodic techno will take over the Manzanares Linear Park. The weekend will culminate with the performance of Keinemusik in Madrid.

If you have not yet obtained a ticket for any of the last two events of the season, you can do so directly from the official website of resident adviser.