STAR SEED debut with "Ultraviolet" on Ophelia Records with Tsu Nami

STAR SEED debuts on Ophelia Records alongside Tsu Nami for the production "Ultraviolet" which will be part of the Inneverse EP in June.

The record label of Seven Lions Ophelia Records it is maintaining an incredible level the five months that we have been this year. So far, what they have been offering to one of the most loyal audiences is heart attack. From the albums of Xavi & MitiS to 1999 EP by Seven Lions, and One More Day & Wild Ones from the next EP by Jason Ross. The last production they provided was Shadows; the first collaboration by Seven Lions, amidy & Wooly. Also that was the second appearance of Wooly on Ophelia Records this year after releasing The Core.

The second compilation of Ophelia Records called Advent, has given much to talk about and especially in the first instance, with Xavi. The young producer has left real wonders on the record label, including neverless, The Warmth Of Known, as his official remix to Don't Wanna Fall. Following the path of his fellow professionals who were heard in volume two, we welcome STAR SEEDS.

The artists describe themselves as an experimental duo electronic-pop formed last 2020 with extensive experience in the music industry. The project STAR SEEDS identify it as a collection of sounds created to combine the gap between sonic exploration, nature, spirituality and the unknown. Plunge into Ophelia Records to present the first production of the eight that will make up his first EP that will arrive in June from 2021, called Innerspace.

STAR SEED, Tsu Nami, Ophelia Records, Seven Lions, Ultraviolet

As the first piece, they present with the producer and singer-songwriter Tsu Nami the song called Ultraviolet. In addition to having the support of great artists from the United States, she has produced tracks such as Party, Faster, Back It Up, Useless & Promise. The wave does not stop growing and lands on the Seven Lions record label to collaborate with STAR SEEDS.

The opening of the track can already be internalized that it is going to be something great, starting with vibrant melodies falling synths like rain. Tsu Nami performs a sublime vocal performance according to the bass drums in a pungent tune as a result of distorters. Together they create a song that, combining the concepts mentioned above, makes the track come to life through elements of nature between frequencies of different speeds.

This has only been the first of the next seven songs that will compose Innerspace of the promising duo STAR SEEDS. You can listen to their new collaboration on all platforms with Tsu Nami, debuting in Ophelia Records called Ultraviolet.

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