Sub Zero Project launches Enter the Realm

The first anthem of the 6 that we could listen to in Qlimax The Source comes from the hand of Sub Zero Project, who present us: Enter The Realm

The duo Sub Zero Project continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The quarantine and temporary closure of the festivals has not been an impediment to show us all the potential they have, despite their short trajectory in hard dance. Since they entered the scene head first with The Project in 2017, have achieved numerous achievements in just 3 years. Debut in qlimax 2017, perform the anthems from Qlimax 2018 and Intents 2019, present their first album "Contagion" in addition to numerous special performances such as THE XPRMNT, The Contagion or Rave Into Space. Now, they have yet another achievement to add to their personal track record, being one of the creators of the 6 different anthems that they have formed Qlimax The Source.

A song that helped us to be aware of what was going to happen at the event. "Join me, Enter The Realm" is what we can hear throughout this. As the song progresses we can once again appreciate those laser kicks that we could already find in The Silence of My Sins, and that help us to open our mouths before the main drop. A drop that manages to maintain that epicity achieved in the previous minutes thanks to the shots taken by the production team. Since festival-season, congratulate the entire team of Q-Dance for the work done. Hopefully you enjoy this new song as much as we do!