Sub Zero Project start a new chapter with «HALO»

Sub Zero Project present the beginning of a new chapter in his career with the production called "HALO" through Dirty Workz.

Thomas Velderman & Nigel Coppen, known professionally as Sub Zero Project, they are back to start a new chapter in their career. Currently considered one of the best duos on the Hard scene, making the big leap in 2017 with The Project, they marked a sensational 2020. We have seen them over the last few years how they have grown exponentially and improved to the point of becoming in one of the future heroes de Q-dance.

Debuting at one of Q-dance's most storied events as Qlimax in 2017, until reaching Anthem in 2018. The duo's growth has been impressive, having a presence in the most important events of the scene and presenting in 2020 one of the best tracks of the year, becoming No. 2 of the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100, with Rave Into Space. Throughout that fateful year they again had a stellar appearance in Qlimax The Source, making history as the first event of Hardstyle on the platform Netflix. Being protagonists of the first chapter with the incredible track enter the realm and, of course, being relevant again within the Hard scene.

They started 2021 with the launch of their collaboration with Warface called Obey No More. Now, a year after presenting Rave Into Space, they are entering a new chapter through the new production called «HALO«.

Sub Zero Project

As in production The Silence (Of My Sins), we meet again the presence of the singer-songwriters Diandra. Without straying too much from the previous productions already made in the last year, the constant and uninterrupted tension in the kicks differentiates it. The use of the melody marked by the synthesizers of the producers continues to be a favorite brand that differentiates them. Especially in the knot of the song the slight pausa to stir more harshly the union between kicks and melodies. Ending with the radiant and deep distortion of more than twenty seconds.

The new chapter of the duo Sub Zero Project It is now available on all digital platforms.

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