Sub Zero Project fight alongside Warface in "Obey No More"

Sub Zero Project and Warface are in tandem for the release of "Obey No More" through the record label Dirty Workz.

In full chaos Warface and Sub Zero Project they donned the war helmet to collaborate together on a new track. Sub Zero Project showed us a preview of their performance at the Lanxess Arena and which in principle, we knew as "Cosmic Chaos". In it, it lacked a vowel and was accompanied by the W&W remix of Zombie Nation's Kernkraft 400 in mashup. Again, in Tomorrowland 31.12.2020, the Dutch duo presented it again without a vocal, already intuiting a future release for this 2021.

To everyone's surprise, the name chosen is "Obey No More" and this time it would contain a vowel. The drop remains the same as in the preview only that it is preceded by the new vowel. Therefore, the final part of the track is more energetic ending with a drop at the beginning and at the end more characteristic of Sub Zero Project, while in the central part a more forceful style such as Warface predominates. Finally, we would have liked also enjoy the track without the need for a vowel as it was originally «Cosmic Chaos».

Enjoy «Obey No More» at Spotify and stay up to date with the news of Sub Zero Project y Warface in their social networks.

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