SubDocta reveals «Cataclysmic» EP on WAKAAN

SubDocta wanted to reveal all his work and comes to WAKAAN with his long-awaited four-track compilation called "Cataclysmic" EP.

SubDocta is a young American who takes his productions to the top and experiments with unimaginable sounds. Preston Charles is the one who hides under this alias, whose presence burst onto the scene in 2017. His musical brand of Dubstep it's known as the 'West Coast Wobble', which pays tribute to her upbringing on the West Coast of the United States.

SubDocta has performed in several shows and events with important Sold Out together with Ganja White Night or even supporting the great Riot Ten on his "Hype or die" tour in 2018. Since then, he has not left any of his followers indifferent. Musically speaking, he is an expert and some powerful releases stand out in his career: desolation or City of syrup in solitary; CBD EP including collaborations with Freddy Todd & TLZMN; Red Alert in 2019 together with Jaykode launched through the label Kannibalen Records; a portentous theme called Blue Line with dirt monkey; or even the Psych Guard EP through WAKAAN where he destroyed the schemes of all his listeners.

SubDocta, Cataclysmic EP, WAKAAN

Last July, SubDocta made a small introduction of what would become his new EP known as cataclysmic. This made it happen because he released a new track with Shlump, the American producer, born in Santa Cruz (California). cave dub was the name that this first piece of his new EP received and that showed that what was to come in the future would be colossally epic.

Now, the time has finally come to listen to the new four-track EP in its entirety, which has been called the Cataclysmic EP. How much with two more solo productions: cataclysmic & Run It, in addition to a new collaboration with FLY.

The first roars following the rhythm of the Drum & Bass, with a higher speed than the rest. A true piece worth savoring. The second, Run It, lowers speed but increases power and toughness. All that he could offer us SubDocta, has been summarized in this marvelous track, which also has some appetizing melodies between drops, which further boost the robustness of the song. Finally, comes a collaboration with FLY that gets the name Acrylic Prism. Calm introduction, which leads us towards sounds in the purest style WAKAAN what to expect. A work to be enjoyed both at home and in front of a stage, closing your eyes and meddling in an alternative world, commanded by the abstract.

The four new creations of SubDocta, collected in the same auditory group called Cataclysmic EP. Once again, the famous Bass label known worldwide as WAKAAN, takes the honors of the week.