SubDocta & Shlump stand out at WAKAAN with «Cavern Dub»

SubDocta & Shlump, two great producers on the scene, decide to get together at WAKAAN to stand out together creating "Cavern Dub".

Preston Charles, or better known by the alias SubDocta, is an unprecedented American artist, leading the scene bass at the top. His career exploded from the year 2017 thanks to the track known as 2009 Was Tight. With his musical brand of Dubstep known as 'West Coast Wobble', he pays tribute to his upbringing on the West Coast of the United States.

Behind him he has a good name of tracks that have led him to glory in electronics. Between them we have: torqued, Blue Line with dirt monkeyCBD EP with five themes including a cooperation with Freddy Todd and another with TLZMN, several collaborations with the frenzied Boogie T or more recent stuff like the recent two song EP via WAKAAN of this same year, known as Crystals & Kombucha.

On the other hand, the other 50% of the track comes from the hand of Michael Petzel, although he is recognized worldwide with the name of Shlump. Young American producer, born in Santa Cruz (California).

An artist without negative reviews and with a great repertoire in his musical backpack, of which we can highlight: a wonderful solo album back in 2014 called Hydro; a four track EP known as Program Malfunction EP thrown through Circus Records; his long-awaited compilation Universal Wub with LSDREAM, which destroyed the schemes of the prestigious label WAKAAN and with which he gained the trust of his leader, after having also launched System Crash EP.

UnderDocta, Shlump, Cavern Dub, WAKAAN

The time has come to put aside work alone and with other artists, to emphasize the new collaboration of two greats of the Bass scene. cave dub is a preview of what's to come on the next EP of SubDocta on the notorious label WAKAAN.

Shlump and I have been friends for years. We met through the local Reno / Tahoe scene playing small festivals and what not. He's a good homie, and once the pandemic hit, we were really able to put some time into a tune! I think it really showcases both of our styles and I'm excited for it to come out!

Preston Charles: Underdoc

A majestic track from the first second to the last. Prepared with wonderful melodies and those characteristic sounds that prevail in WAKAAN, we have before us a collaboration that will leave a mark for Bass fans. The drops of the stalactites descend to the mystical water currents, making this onomatopoeia notice throughout the song. A perfect fusion of both producers, who create a quite calm aural fantasy but that denotes power in each measure that makes it up.

Listen on all platforms cave dub, a legendary collaboration that we all expected between SubDocta & Shlump through WAKAAN.