Subshock & Evangelos break schemes with "Next To You"

Subshock & Evangelos conquer the Kayzo Welcome Records label with the new production called «Next To You».

The record label of Kayzo he's been stepping out lately, providing fiery productions, and getting a lot of support. The new musical piece, which they wanted to transmit in Welcome Records, comes from the producers Subshock & Evangelos. For this occasion, they are in charge of liberating the dogs, and breaking the schemes, with the launch of Next To You.

Artists recently made an appearance in NIGHTMODE leaving a big mark after the release of Want U EP, composed of two productions. In addition, they have had other appearances during the year, with songs like Runaway, Beyond The Skies or Not Enough. They do not want to slow down, and have wanted to break the schemes in the record label of Kayzo with production Next To You.

Subshock & Evangelos, Next To You, Kayzo, Welcome Records

This new production of Subshock & Evangelos, represents a modern nod to the sounds of the pop-punk from the 90s and 2000s. Since always, Welcome Records has empowered artists to push boundaries, opening new doors musically. The record label creates new opportunities, and provides value to producers through releases, expanding all genres, and enriching the artists' musical repertoire.

The producers Subshock & Evangelos, have always been fans of the pop punk sounds of the 90s and 2000s. They were inspired to create a song like Next To You, since at that time there were rumors about a reunion of Blink 182. That is why they decided to make a production, influenced by those vibes, due to all the hype that was being given about that meeting.

They were looking for a way to challenge themselves, creating something less electronic, adding guitars, drums and bass, all programmed by them. The vocal performance is more than a plus in the production, as it feels as if we have returned to the time from which they have been so inspired.

Enjoy now on all platforms the new piece of music called Next To You, by the artists Subshock & Evangelos through Welcome Records.

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