Subsidia Records releases Dawn Vol. 2

Subsidia Records begins 2021 by releasing the second part of Dawn after ending 2020 with the second volumes of Night and Dusk.

One of the great news that the fateful year 2020 brought was the birth of the seal of Excision. During Jeff's performance in Couch Lands, announced the launch of Subsidia Records, divided into three volumes, called Night, Dusk y Dawn. Weeks later, individual releases such as FiSSiON EP y Your Fault until the second installments of Night y Dusk, ending the year.

This new seal, provides a great opportunity to the scene of bass music, thanks to these massive compilations. Less recognized artists little by little they begin to carve out a hole and notice considerably the presence of throwing through Subsidia Records.

By 2021 they have already announced that they have great projects on their hands and that they are eager to show them to everyone. The year has only just begun and they present this January 6 the second installment of Dawn and participating more than twenty artists.

A total of eighteen songs in this new and second installment of Dawn, in which we see new names and other acquaintances. In the first production we find the long-awaited collaboration between Excision y Whales, next to the vowel of RIELL in «The Last Time«. It would be a weapon to release emotions. The second song we see again the participation of yetep, this time with Ghostdragon y exceeds in «Let you go«. Much more profound that the interior moves us through the piano with an incendiary lyric. OMAS y les go offer an authentic musical work with «Lost in outer space«. An intriguing, resonant intro that boosts the beat all the way to the sub-bass.

In each of the volumes there are usually different productions that stand out more than others and in this one we could say that it is «Today«. Production by N3WPORT y Andrew Fuller, combining piano and guitar thus creating a great harmony. One of our favorite vocalists is Monika Santucci, enhancing any production with his vocal. Fancy Monster has had the pleasure of working with her on «Ask Yourself«, A one-way trip. A synth and sonic experience in two heartbreaking drops. Doctor neiman, Strocksu y Jenny chapin demonstrate in «Let Go»The great team they have formed. Giving prominence to the vocal in the foreground until it ends up fading into energetic bass, transmitting good feelings.

Much background and history in many of these new tracks, especially «tattoo on me«. A very personal title as well as the production is what they offer My Bad y GLNNA. They catch you completely and there is no escape, alluding to the title, the song being etched forever in your head like ink on your skin. Elle Vee has won thousands of hearts and does it again together with Abandoned in «Ever after«. The voice of It it glides on smoothly as the temperature begins to rise in a great build-up that completely shatters all the emotions created.

If in this volume we have to mention someone in particular, it is undoubtedly to George Toscano. A well-deserved debut on the label, showing his precision in the studio, with «You«. A very melodic production with an ephemeral vocal, enough to be a weapon for the stage. «Souffle»Is the new delivery and virtuous delivery by Brunchbeatz. Very happy to see him launch through the label again and this time he collaborates with Redrum. Another of the songs that stand out is «Enough» to Man cub. Really emotional in a very good introduction to guitar, as well as a successful lyric.

They have caught us again and those responsible have been Global, Alex Cortes y Acacia. An incredible production called «Powerless»In a very slow piano entry and a soft voice, taking you to the soundscape that you will not be able to return to. Again, another song to highlight, this time, by ill.gates, Eko Zu y astrology in «By A Thread«. Very unexpected and catchy, making good use of the guitar, and dividing the production into four parts, one of them being heavier. Computa shows that he also has a melodic side to him and shows it with «Feel alive«. The track of ahee, called «feeling colors«, It differs a lot from the previous ones. An absence of lyrics in which we are fully immersed in sounds and feel what we cannot touch.

We see again GLNNA for the second time in the volume but this time with ARIUS in «Medicine«. Totally different from the previous one but improving as always the production thanks to his incredible voice. Cyrus Gold y Elation present «Other Side«, Taking a higher rhythm and moving further away from the Melodic area. Last we have "Royalty»By a great team made up of Shyloom, Kabes y Dani King. Quite an anthem to conclude with this epic production.

This has been the second part of Dawn, focused on Melodic Dubstep, unlike Night and Dusk. The year has just begun and we already have this new compilation of Subsidia Records. You can enjoy these eighteen productions on all platforms.

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