Subsidia Records releases Dusk Vol. 2

Subsidia Records presents the second compilation of "Dusk" two weeks after having released the second compilation of "Night".

The new Record Label from Jeff, professionally known as Excision continues with its massive releases. Early december Subsidia Records presented the second compilation of Night with great known and emerging talents with a total of twenty songs. Many of the artists who participated in this last compilation, also participated in the first and having progressed. Two weeks later, Subsidia Records announces a new volume.

See the light the second part of Dusk, focused on experimental Bass and in which more than twenty artists participate. Some of them have already released through the label and other artists debuting on this massive new compilation.

Again we have twenty songs like the previous volume. First of all we have Kaivon remixing the song «Breaking through»By Excision & Dion Timmer, giving it more freshness and energy than the original. Jkyl & Hyde are in charge of a sinister production in «radio leak»With subwoofers and a very experimental bass according to the volume. GL0bal y Rick flxx they have produced a marvel called «IBS«, Combining short vocals in a more Trap style. On the other hand we have "Ramen god» to GLD in a hard intro to guitar, simultaneously unleashing energetic drops.

The fifth production goes hand in hand with Matheny to show us «Headshot»In being a midtempo and experimental sound experience. Another song that differs from the others is «No joke" by Svspkt, Autokorekt y USER, in an outstanding Dubstep and Hip-Hop production. One of the biggest bombs in this compilation comes from bad rapper y Dank frank in «Transcend«, In the first drop heavy and an experimental second. Cybertron I bet you "cheddar Bob»On a sensory and catchy journey. notixx is another of the artists who stand out in «invisibility»With a melodic introduction, creating a challenging experience. Energetic productions and with similar characteristics we have that of Josh cassidy with "wippin", Dr Lobster with "Wholesome Jazz-Track»Or evilnoiz with "Terror«.

Another of the songs that stand out from the volume is that of bd hbt y blurrd vnz with "select" Y Audigy, buffer y Box in «Late nights»With other sensations. YDG presents "Blade" with very fast and catchy rhythms and brain rack with "wit my Crew»With drier and slower drops. Sam lamarAs usual, he recreates an Anthem, called «Awakening«. A melodic and enveloping production that captivates you with its sounds. Cyber ​​g teleports us to another dimension with «Odissey" while Code: Pandorum, FaceSplit y Adrift they give us «Colossus«, A darker and deeper piece. By last Space Wizard y Hairitage they delight us with «DangerBlock»On a drop trip with no turning back.

You can enjoy the twenty songs of the second compilation of Subsidia Records, Dusk, on all digital platforms.

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