Subsidia Records releases Dusk Vol. 3

Subsidia Records releases the third compilation of Dusk with a total of seventeen productions and twenty-five artists

They are back and there is nothing and no one to stop them. The seal of Excision continues to grow since it was founded with a massive continuity of releases. We are at the beginning of March 2021 and in the 5 months of existence of Subsidia Records they have stood firm with relentless force.

Having completed the second parts of Night, Dusk y Dawn, we've seen other releases through the label. Among them, To The Grave EP, Broken EP, FiSSiON EP o Your Fault. Starting 2021 in the best way, they are offering the third deliveries of the volumes, of which they have already released Night Vol.3. Now it's everyone's turn to listen to the third compilation of one of the volumes focused on the experimental Bass, Dusk.

In this third installment of Dusk, offer seventeen new productions, in which we see new artists and others who have already participated in the label. Starting the compilation in style, ruvlo is back to present «Wook machine«. A design with concepts of downtempo, experimental bass y psychedelics. On the other hand, we have to congratulate once again Brunchbeatz, for making an appearance again. An artist who until recently could not have the impact he wanted, has been having it in recent months. The new reference that delivers is a collaboration with blurrd vzn, called «Brunch Vzn«. A mixture of both names and also, of both genders dominate, achieving a psychedelic and sinister design in the introduction.

The return that we all wanted and that was so necessary, the return of Ray Volpe a Subsidia Records. The artist released one of the best productions on the debut compilation with Over My Head and this time delivers «nosebleed«. Returning to offer the producer his own vocals and lyrics in a melodic combination, distorted bass and mixed feelings. The artist pax impera debuts for the first time on the label with the release called «Loud«. A piece that highlights the great influences of the downtempo with resonant vowels with sensitivities of systematic trap: every time. The dj and producer Tape B impresses in his debut release with «Violent«. Living up to the name, create a design that encourages challenge with hard tones, immersing you in an experimental world.

Sixth, we meet the producer Sheep Blvd, which already debuted on the first compilation. And this time it accompanies him FelMax for the launch of «dual-blade«. Performing a piano introduction inducing a context that radiates a chilling aura, they compose distorted bass with downtempo sensibilities. The seventh reference is by other artists who were part of the debut, MIRR.IMG. He offers "live your life»With the vowels of Forever in your heartbeat. In a soundscape transmitting a warm climate as well as cloudy, culminating an energetic drop. In just a few days it has reached the position # 1 on the dubstep charts at Beatport.

The eighth piece is by one of the artists who debuted on Dawn Vol. 2, Cyrus Gold. On this occasion the producer does not move away from the melodies with «Change ur mind»But with more creativity and getting into more experimental sounds. The ninth reference is presented by the Estonian production company known professionally as Dino shadix. She offers the production «Hydra»Through drums, background vocals and melodies more creative than the previous ones along with a more catchy drop. Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding productions of the compilation is the collaboration between Runnit & Rollie Dezel with "Ballin again«. They begin with sounds as if it were a counter, entering your head to enter a combination of melodic downtempo y systematic trap: every time.

The English producer DirtySnatcha is back after one of the best songs that marked Subsidia's debut release with More than this. On this occasion he presents «spaceshipon Dusk after appearing on Night, with a more experimental sound and a very contagious downtempo design. There are always productions that stand out more than others in the various compilations. One of the most surprising is «F» to Xinister. The Singapore-based producer has come up with a totally creative design inspired by the SpaceX rocket. Counting down the takeoff by immersing yourself in sounds as if you were in outer space. The thirteenth reference is a collaboration between UHNK & Matheny, called «Main B * tch«. Where the artists maintain a constant tension ending with an unexpected and creative drop.

carbon makes a second appearance on the label, following Subsidia's debut release, he released through Night. Now the artist delivers a new reference in Dusk with "Sour Diesel»Showing a strong kick drum in the intro. Coming to sounds that are closer to the mid-tempo on the first drop. In the second part of the song he offers a design closer to the downtempo, creating a good combination of styles. The penultimate piece is a collaboration between Evalution & Hallucinate called «Flow»Transmitting peace of mind in sounds, combining distorted vowels and bass.

To complete the compilation we have a triple collaboration with ZIZI, Mikesh! Ft & Vezzel in «Refraction«. The producers a track of almost five minutes, starting with a very warm introduction, as if you were listening to the radio while driving. In which they immediately change it completely and immerse you in another world with a very melodic and contagious bass. A very creative design that does not leave indifferent to any of the previous productions of the compilation.

Quantity does not mean quality. but this type of compilations gives less recognized artists the opportunity to be heard. At the end of the day, they are all these artists who today they keep the scene alive, when the great references are not coming to light. You can enjoy the third volume of Dusk on all digital platforms,

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