Subsidia Records releases Night Vol. 2

Subsidia Records they release the second installment of Night in which they compile a total of twenty new songs.

At the end of September during episode 3 of Couch Lands (Lost Lands), Excision he presented Subsidia Records. For the debut of its Record Label, 118 songs were released divided into 3 Volumes called Dusk, Night y Dawn. Each volume was characterized by different sounds, in which Dusk we found a more experimental Bass, in Night a more Heavy Bass and finally Dawn, more melodic.

Following the successful release weeks later the duo YOOKie presented FiSSiON EP, being the first on the Label, to release solo. Two months later and in honor of Thanksgiving, Excision y Subsidia Records they come back with a new compilation, Night Vol.2.

In this new compilation we have a total of 20 songs and more than 20 artists in which they participate. We have Heavy productions by blaize in «Pick it up", Chassis y BLUPILL in «dirt-pit", Perry Wayne in «outer rim", Cyclops y High zombie in «Overkill", CULTIVATE with "Stomp»Or AXEN y WRAITH in «Terror«. CVTVGON y psyoctave they work in «Computer noises" Y Codd dubz together Brain Bridge in «Wraith»Giving a more trap essence to the compilation.

Other productions with more force and other characteristics to the previous ones such as «Wreck it» to Whiskers y JAN DI or collaboration between Cleopatra y Zubah in «daedra«, Whose beginning is an anthem that is unleashed in aggressive blows. Other hard productions like that of Antiserum y kozmod in «DangerClose", lev3l in «Unfaithful Servant", Automate in «Takeover»Or howndz in «Heavenly«. Special mention to JEANIE, the artist launches again through Subsidia, this time with «Rague Fatigue«, Proving every day that he deserves his place on the scene. Say word leaves its mark on the Label with a forceful production in «Fresh", like stoutty in «I Can't Trust Them»And the collaboration between JAYSYX y autocorrect in «Riddim slut«.

One of the songs that has caught our attention the most has been that of shōku y Donyae taking Night to the «Next Level«. In this collaboration with an introduction to piano creating an intimate atmosphere differentiating itself from the previous ones compiled in the Volume. A male vowel and in small proportions a female vowel with a melody and influences from future riddim. Like the remix of dubscribe to 'Robo kitty» to Excision y Downlink, improving even the original song.

Compilation of Subsidia Records, Night Vol. 2 with the twenty new songs is now available on all digital platforms.

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