Subsidia Records releases Night Vol. 3

Subsidia Records presents the third compilation of Night with a total of twenty-nine artists and twenty songs.

Jeff's new label, professionally known as Excision, continues to beat relentlessly on these massive compilations. Subsidia Records started the 2021 presenting the second compilation of Dawn, thus completing Night y Dusk, last 2020. In addition to the recent collaboration between Sullivan King & Excision with Unbound and two days later To The Grave EP.

In less than a year, they have a significant number of songs released, supporting all artists of the genre bass. Starting the second month of the year, they advance the third compilation of Night, participating in it a total of twenty-nine artists; debutants and veterans.

They offer a total of twenty songs in this third installment of Night. The first production is one of the most anticipated in recent weeks by Jessica Audiffred y MONXX. Under the name of "monii»Have the best characteristics of both in a combination of Riddim y Dubstep. In the next one we find «Go Back" by NvrLeft with a sublime introduction, as if chaos is coming, ending on hard lows. Perry Wayne He has won the throne on the label and we see him again with a new production called «trencher", with the best Heavy bass. For the first time, we see Bear Grillz. The artist released his debut album in 2020 The Friends and offers influences of this in «Soulja march«.

The duo from Texas, LOUIEJAYXX, present on the label a very solid production called «unbreakable«. In the sixth production they work together Skellism & NVRENDS with "Rage Pit»In a very good mix of Metal-Step. Another duo in the compilation, this time turn to megahurtzedm in «bloody«. We have a triple collaboration for svspkt, autocorrect y SUFFOCATED presenting a wonder called «Parariddim«. A creative production of riddim in which the introduction makes them different from the rest of the previous ones. If we talk about Night, we have to talk about rare things at night, iFeature y Killin 'void they demonstrate it in «Order And Chaos«.

- Later Tonight debuts on the label with the artists RAZR y extensive featuring a Heavy song called «Pop Off«. Also debuts also AlienPark with "Sentenced To Death»In another production following the line and structure that makes it sound heavy. We have again the seal to George Toscano, a pleasure to see you again and this time in Night showing that he also makes tough productions, with «tear the place«. The artist Decade the stamp with «Pull Up»In an introduction resonating the engine of a motorcycle as a challenging sample that ends in hard blows. Like Gladness y FelMax in «Hot Pursuit«, Creating an atmosphere with a dominant attitude.

The last components of the build are also not far behind. wood offers "tape stop", Goofy y Mylky present «Biblical Asteroth«, Or Typhoon shows the hardness and the melodic part with «Nightfall«. One of the productions that stand out is also that of VLCN with "1000 Years»In which he imposes from the first moment entering fully into the dark night with harsh sounds. The artist howker, makes an appearance for the first time bursting the listener's chest with his debut song called «Threats«. To finish the compilation, Izzy Vadim y Head treats emotions hit us with «No Feelings»Making us feel the hardness of its bass.

We are only at the beginning of February and the year has only just started in Subsidia Records. Eleven long months left and a third of Night just launched. Those of Dusk y Dawn.

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