Subtronics Releases Their Long-awaited String Theory EP

Subtronics releases new music in the form of their long-awaited String Theory EP consisting of seven songs and two of them collaborations.

Jesse, better known as Subtronics has made during this year several Streaming's on Twitch under Cyclops Army from his studio with LEVEL UP and sometimes with Zia. All good until he had a presence at EDC Las Vegas Virtual Rave-A-Thon and unleashed his full potential. A Set full of ID's like his Remix with Zeds Dead to Atmosphere's "GodLovesUgly", collaborations with Excision, Marshmello, Kompany o Wooly. All these songs accompanied by some visuals that had all the spectators hallucinating.

Later his Virtual Set arrived in Digital Mirage 2 de Brownies & Lemonade y Proximity similar to EDC maintaining the level, in addition to putting new ID's. Jesse He shared on his social networks that he had a new studio and was very excited about everything that was to come and it has been.

Subtronics presents String Theory EP composed of seven songs and two of them the long-awaited collaborations with Wooly y Kompany. We can only say that Jesse is a genius and the name of the EP makes a very good reference to the songs and string theory that postulates multiple or parallel universes. Subtronics has made us travel with this EP to those universes.

Jesse knows how to play Dubstep and Riddim very well, making his sound unique. The first song is «nitrous mafia»With which we begin to find conspiracy sounds. We continue to delve into the different universes of String Theory. "Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?"If you are a follower of the Westworld series, this phrase will sound familiar to you and then you will realize even more about the relationship between the song. Clockwork with the name of the EP.

We continue with one of the most anticipated songs on the EP, the collaboration of Subtronics with Wooly called "Melt Ur Brain". Possibly the one most craved by the followers of the seven, a song that as its name suggests melts your brain, a very good combination by both artists. The fourth song is «BRoKen CODE»As it is written, you can get an idea of ​​how it can be, Jesse is really breaking the code, being the song that is the furthest from the other sounds.

We continue with the second EP collaboration, but this time with Kompany, the result being "Wicked Witch", also very different from the first songs. We reached the sixth song with the name of the EP, «String Theory«, In which we listen to a first symphony and return to sounds that teleport us to another dimension. Finally, Jesse shows us "Proffesor Chaos", the softest and most melodic song of the seven.

Subtronics has shown in this EP that he is capable of everything he sets out to do, he has been able to hold the hand very well what it meant String Theory with their songs, producing the characteristic sounds that these theories carry. This release aside, she has yet to release her collaboration with Excision y Marshmello. You can listen to the EP at Spotify.

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