Sullivan King takes us straight "To The Grave" EP

Sullivan King surprises two days after the collaboration with Excision with the release of "To The Grave" EP on Subsidia Records.

It all started with a collaboration between Excision & Sullivan King by surprise in Subsidia Records but no one expected an EP to arrive so soon. Last 25 de January, Jeff and Keaton launched the long-awaited collaboration. Which had been waiting since the presentation of the seal during the weekend of Couch Lands. They surprised all the followers of both with the release of Unbound.

We remember again that the past 22 de JanuaryBoth artists posted a video stating that the collaboration was coming this week. One thing to highlight was the video of Excision announcing that a EP.

The new EP de Sullivan King arrives 27 de January, two days after the launch of «Unbound«. Composed of seven songs and with a name, which in fact, lives up to the songs, called «It's The Grave«. Three of the productions included were those with which the artist debuted on the label through the three volumes. In Night He launched "Tinnitus" with Banda, Dusk He launched "drum mag»And finally in Dawn, He launched Lifeless.

The DJ and producer offers three new productions, transmitting the harshness for which he characterizes. When we mentioned that the title of the EP honors the songs it is because it really Sullivan King he has sent us straight to the grave. In "War»Lies the side more dark y Heavy of the rest of the songs that make up It's The Grave. Keaton has a knack for speeding up beats to extremes. With his voice and his production skills in the Metal, until I hit you with hard bass.

The title song of the EP is a complete work of art, where Sullivan King unleashes himself in the vocal, lyric y drops. From some chords of guitar that cross you next to a build up that triggers a heartbreaking and emotional first and third drop. Lastly, work with RatedR in «Stitches«. Where again the guitar is paramount as he gets closer to Sullivan's vocal. Introducing machine gun sounds in build-up, predecessors to hard hits on both drops.

Subsidia Records the 2021 with the launch "To The Grave" EP y Dawn Vol.2 in the first month of the year. Also available Night Vol.2, Dusk Vol.2, Your Fault y FiSSiON EP in less than a year of existence.

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