Super Future returns with "Equilibria" EP to SSKWAN

Super Future returns to the record label of Liquid Stranger SSKWAN for the release of "Equilibria" EP consisting of seven productions.

One of the best news has reached the record label of Liquid Stranger, with the return of Super Future. The producer made one of the best appearances of this 2021, opening SSKWAN, this being the first release of the year. In addition, it has been one of the best productions, called Satori in collaboration with mize, through discography.

As usual, both WAKAAN as SSKWAN, they give big unexpected surprises to all their fans. Recently, the producer Super Future resurfaced to provide a Mixtape under the name of Equilibria, through the record label of Liquid Stranger. It was undoubtedly a surprise to see him again and above all, making the day of all the followers happy with this launch on SoundCloud.

The good news does not end here, and it is that the return of Super Future comes stronger than ever after Equilibria Mixtape. Days later, he returns to take control of all listeners with the release of Balance EP through SSKWAN.

Super Future, Equilibria EP, SSKWAN, Liquid Stranger

The full-length EP Equilibria is made up of seven musical pieces, elaborated by the producer Super Future. After making his debut release with mize, inspired by the emotional pain and confusion of the pandemic, Super Future channel these feelings, spiritual empowerment, conscious listening, and emotional tensions, into cathartic bass energies.

Graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, Super Future apply his experience to reflect on what we have left after a momentous year. Equilibrium is an example of balanced forces or bodies, and equilibrium represents many equilibria, in a dynamic and complex equilibrium. The only way forward is to accept what they have faced us with and find a way to live in balance with them.

The artist Super Future, share that I have always considered WAKAAN as the forefront of musical creation. So he had his sights set on becoming an artist of WAKAAN. This is still true today, however something changed the day he saw Liquid Stranger, WAKAAN-Festival, announcing the alternate record label, SSKWAN. He knew that within his art, he also wanted to express a more beautiful and fascinating side. He learned a lot and wondered why that fun energy couldn't be expressed in a more emotional tone.

When Liquid Stranger came out with that announcement, he knew the music in his head had a home. The people have always sought him out for his sound design and his unique ability to bring beauty to bass; so he produced his song with mize. That first attempt to open his heart to downtempo was a great success in his eyes artistically. The combined fan bases were equally prepared for this new sound. He was immensely proud that SSKWAN was the record label that launched the production.

The first song, called Open Upis an ancestral journey, in which you begin to feel that your soul is moving away from your body to move freely through space. It is a unique sensation and to feel in balance with yourself, as well as in peace. Continue with fallforever, traveling through places while a voice guides you, finding well-being within you, as if you were free to fly wherever you wanted. Third, it makes us float on Rain Dance, as if we were living that soundscape.

The heartbeat starts to bombard you harder because of Heart Beat, making you feel like it's happening for real. But suddenly, everything becomes darker and colder, before the arrival of Shadow Team, introducing more frivolous auras and textures. The main song Equilibria it comes later, releasing all this darkness, adding natural elements, but under constant tension. Culminating Super Future the trip with the song Radical Acceptance, adding melodic patterns and singular notes, balancing the whole trip and returning the soul to your body.

A journey that everyone should experience, becoming an avant-garde musical experience. Enjoy the return of Super Future to the record label of Liquid Stranger SSKWAN, with the release of Balance EP.

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