Svdden Death Presents: VOYD at The Caverns 2021

Svdden Death will present VOYD at The Caverns for the second year in a row in the Pelham Valley on September 10 & 11, 2021.

This year one of the best shows that the bass music scene can see will take place again. Last 2020, before the whole world joined the confinement, something never seen before was experienced, making thousands of fans enjoy. Danny Howland, known professionally as Svdden Death achieved a massive experience in Pelham Valley, Tennessee, performing in The Caverns.

One of the experiences that is most demanded of the producer is his appearance as VOYD and this led his to The Caverns, getting an unbeatable show. It was like seeing thousands of people praising the devil while listening to the producer's dubstep repertoire. The world is not ready for all that it has worked for Svdden Death throughout these months, but it is time for all this music to see the light. Time to go back to The Caverns, it's time to live again The Greatest Show Under Earth this year with VOYD.

Svdden Death, VOYD

There will be two shows this year, on September 10 & 11 in Grundy County. Living this experience is on the wish list of thousands of fans being able to listen to live music in a cavern. It is a world renowned destination for underground live music.

The demon has been bound for many months and the chains can no longer hold him and he has finally freed himself. Enjoy two unique days in The Caverns to enjoy one of the best locations with VOYD.

Ticket sales begin on June 11, for more information you can access the official website of The Caverns.

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