System of Loudness releases with Anklebreaker "Don't Let The Sun Go Down"

System of Loudness publishes its collaboration with Anklebreaker "Don't Let The Sun Go Down", which is its second reference in Dirty Workz DWX Copyright Free.

After 2019 releasing songs for some of the international labels, System of Loudness returns with a new collaboration. "Don't Let The Sun Go Down" it is his last production next to Anklebreaker, a well-known composer who has collaborated with artists of the stature of Da Tweekaz.

"Don't Let The Sun Go Down" is a song very energetic From the beginning. In it, the melody stands out, keeping the listener in tension through the continuous variations containing. For this, there is no greater ally than Anklebreaker, a composer with a great skill at the piano, and above all, a lover of hardstyle.

Is the second production of System of Loudness that comes to light through Dirty Workz . He does it by section DWX Copyright Free, an innovative concept designed to future talents with the aim of reaching the largest possible audience. Hopefully it will be a good showcase for the duo and they will continue to bring out many more songs during this 2020.

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