Art of Creation presents The Art of Remixes

Art of Creation finally presents its long-awaited EP called The Art of Remixes 2021 divided into 3 unique parts.

Family is everything. It's a fundamental part of the life of any person. Shared is even better. East Art of Creation EP summarizes what each of the members is: a family. They demonstrate it through their YouTube channel, in which we see them enjoying a BBQ together or participating in talks with each other. Despite their short career on the label, Sephyx and Aftershock have been seamlessly integrated.


When you remix a classic, it's difficult to have a positive evaluation. The risk is very high, but if you get it, you make it a real hit. Sephyx dared to remix two legends like Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers, and yes, he has done it again. Adapted The Space We Created to the current moment, perfecting the melody and keeping that epic vocal. About Aftershock, is the different artist you need in a label. He's the hardest and has his own sound. This is the remix of frozen3n, forcefulness in its purest form with an incredible second drop.

The second part of the EP is in charge of Bass Modulators and Sound Rush. In the case of the twins, after being remixed by Aftershock in the first part of the EP, now they're the ones who remix a track. Not just any one, but a classic of noise controllers how is it Gimme love. After promoting it both at Defqon.1 At Home 2021 as at Reverze, the time has come to bring it to light.


In the case of Bass Modulators, dare with Colors of The Night, composed by Wildstylez and Michael Jo. Usually we talk about Aftershock as an artist with a different sound, rather forceful, compared to the other artists but Bass Modulators also have that pinch of exclusivity. The same as Bass Ex Machina, they sweep again with that sound so melodic and their own. They don't release regularly, but when they do, it's true masterpiece.


Finally, noise controllers and as, Headhunterz, are in charge of remixing the last part of the EP. Noisecontrollers remixes a classic Bass Modulators track as is Radiance. On the other hand, Headhunterz remixes Take It All from your friends and colleagues Sound Rush. A new version with the most characteristic sound of the boss label that we enjoy so much in their Reverze set.

Finally, the three parts of The Art of Remixes are already available on Spotify. Which of them will reach the highest position in the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100?

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