Tisoki releases his long-awaited debut album "01953" on Monstercat

Tisoki releases his long-awaited debut album under the name "01953" consisting of a total of ten productions through Monstercat.

We are seeing how a significant number of producers are taking one of the great steps in their professional career, releasing their debut studio album. One of these full-lenght projects that we most longed for, among many others, was that of the English producer, Tisoki.

Bradley Edwards, known professionally as Tisoki, is a British producer who now lives in Los Angeles. For several years, the musical repertoire that he has been introducing has been spectacular, taking samples of different styles as if he were a palette. All these styles have led him to produce bass music, with great skill. One of the biggest stepping stones that he has just climbed, is releasing his debut album called 01953 through Monstercat.

Tisoki, 01953 album, Monstercat

Releases his first album on Monstercat called 01953, made up of a total of ten productions. The songs cut through classic Dubstep styles, plus Trap and experimental sounds, with a fluency in the genres leading to what has become today.

The first song is an intro called 2020 (Intro), with a sinister soundscape and elements that make you feel all the darkness that we lived that year. Continue with Hold On Me, introducing a catchy vocal and experimental sounds of bass music. The third production is Wavey, awakening the senses in the best possible way with melodic synthesizers. Subsequently, enter Fake It, raising the listener as high as possible, just as if the music made him fly. It is one of the productions that touch your soul, both for the instrumental and for the vocal performed. It is probably one of the best on the album, going beyond the limits of the previous ones.

Arriving in the middle of the trip we meet Glass, where we continue with catchy vocals and ethereal sounds, with a quite epic and resonant melody. It has the necessary elements to also establish itself as one of the best, following experimental patterns with incredible precision. We continue with All Night, lowering the heart rate a bit, but still making us vibrate and feel a thousand emotions. Experimental sounds return with Comedown, having downtempo sensations throughout the production, with trap influences.

The eighth production Made 4 This, is the clear example of the artistic evolution of Tisoki, which caters to an introspective listening experience driven by the past year. Another song that reaches the soul is the production Sensitive, with the amazing interpretation of Charity Vance. The fragile, angelic voice meets a well-executed, bubbly textured sound design, capturing an emotional atmosphere. Finally Find Urself, there could be no better way than to end with another work of art and inspirational quote.

The album title pays homage to the zip code, 01953, from his hometown, Wymondham, UK. It is a collection of formative influences drawn from the culture and the underground spaces that shaped him. Enjoy on all platforms the debut album of Tisoki through Monstercat Instinct.

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