Tomorrowland Winter: The First Giant Among the Mountains

Years ago, I used to share a lot of the videos that Tomorrowland I went up to the networks, just because of the magic that it transmitted and that theme that always hooks. Months after confirmation by the festival of a Winter edition, a video appeared in my memories and gave me pause.
Is it possible that at the time of the publication of this video, the organization was already thinking about a different Tomorrowland? Reading through all the comments, they all dealt with the same topic: a winter edition.

Un March 9, Tomorrowland made public the surprise and announced a new festival outside of the already well-known Boom. In full French Alps, based in Alpe D'Huez and continuing through the surrounding villages, you would have the possibility to combine one of the best festivals in the world with almost 250 kms of skiable slopes. With this announcement, he opened the door to a new generation of festivals, in which many, either did not achieve the intended impact, or fell by the wayside years ago.

I grew up for years watching Tomorrowland aftermovies. Also from TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland Brazil. Once you attend the Belgian edition, you always want more. Unfortunately, by the time I attended the main one, Brazil and World had already disappeared, so Tomorrowland Winter was the opportunity to recover from these last 2.
And what a great opportunity! Despite all the unforeseen events in recent days due to the storms, it was held without any problems (except for a controlled evacuation on the Top of the Mountain, the highest stage of the festival) and positively surprised all attendees. An enclosure at the height of the main festival, with a Mainstage, although smaller, with much more pyrotechnics and with a basic element that had not appeared since Melodia, the face of the main character of the trailer in the central part.

One of the advantages of this festival is that the Mainstage would not be defined as the "main" stage. You could enjoy many of the djs in other stages, both in the enclosure surrounding the Mainstage, and on the tracks. Except for the first 3 days in which the enclosure closed around 20:30 p.m. and the welcome, which was held individually in the 4 towns, the last 3 days of the festival you had performances before and after closing from the Mainstage in covered settings, due to low temperatures and high rainfall (at some point we got to be around -9º and in the middle of a blizzard).

To put a but, the distribution of the artists. A poster a bit short for so many performances on each of the stages and "surprise sets" that lacked so much surprise. Djs like Armin van Buuren, Yves V, Afrojack or Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano came to DJ for 3 days, and even some of them in a row, which became a bit repetitive. Even so, thank the presence of artists such as Dj Snake, so difficult to see in Tomorrowland or Vini Vici, in my opinion, favorite to best set and best closing of the festival.

In summary, a unique event. An opportunity to enjoy skiing and even combine it with an event of such magnitude as Tomorrowland. We are used to walking between the stages at any festival and here you have to do it through the slopes by chairlift or skiing. The snow of the century can fall on you, and still, give a more magical tone to the festival. More real. It can be harder to live it, it is easier to endure a hot day than a day as cold as it happens here, but seeing the scenes covered with a white cloak is another level. As I already mentioned at the beginning, this is the new generation of festivals. Will they have a future? Maybe yes, maybe not, but Tomorrowland has done it. It is the first giant among the mountains.

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