Tomorrowland Winter announces line up for 2022

The winter edition Tomorrowland Winter has finally confirmed all the artists that will make up the full line up for its second anniversary.

After confirming the second edition of Tomorrowland across French Alps and announce the first artists, the moment most awaited by the attendees has arrived: the full line up. After the success of the first edition, three years had to pass for the next one due to the pandemic. The dates for celebration are from 19 to 26 of March in the same location as its first edition.

The first edition was made up of more than 40 artists, where several of them made more than one set for the enjoyment of the people. This edition will be made up of many more names, turning it into an even more varied line up and dividing the artists more evenly in the whole week.


You can consult both our chronicle of the first edition as the guide on how to attend from Spain. It's a unique experience in which skiing and enjoying electronic music is fully compatible. 3 years after its first edition, Tomorrowland Winter, the snow giant is back.