Tresor Berlin, what your eye can only see

Who has not tried to enter places where they are not allowed as a minor? Those nerves that provoke the question: Will I enter or not enter? It is perhaps what happens the moment you get to the line of Tresor.
In full rain, with temperatures touching below zero, doubts begin regarding the dress code, language, nationality and above all, to how long will you stay there until you get to the entrance.

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During that long period of time, you see all kinds of things. People throwing white flag, due to the slowness of the queue. Others leave grumpy at having been refused entry. There is always the most rogue, who tries to sneak behind another group of people, with the intention of leaving the queue behind. Finally, we are those who respect the queue, we endure the downpour and we are filled with faith by the time we reach the 2 fences that divide the entrance to the enclosure.

Once there, there are many theories regarding how to enter. Wearing black, not singing, knowing English or German and even knowing the complete line up on the day of the event. These last 2, in our case, were the correct ones, since the only 2 questions were if we spoke German and if we knew the line up, as well as if it was our first time at Tresor. Having memorized it so many times during the 2 hours we spent in the queue, it jumped out of us and we managed to get in. Regarding the entrance, Sven Marquardt would not receive us as in BerghainIf not, it was a seemingly friendly girl who invited us to pass.

Already inside, they are 3 phases you have to go through to enter. The first, so well known from places like Tresor or Berghain, is cover all the cameras of the mobile with black stickers so that we cannot photograph or record anything. It is true that we would have liked to be able to take a video or a photo with us, we also approve this action, since you have to preserve the myth of this place. If we knew him completely, he would lose the surprise factor and perhaps we would see it differently.

The second and third are identical to any club, search and payment. Tickets are usually around 10-15 euros depending on the day to choose. The way to identify the entrance is with a number on the wrist. Regarding the wardrobe, it is there as soon as you enter the bunker and for 1,5 you can leave your coat. We tried to take the ticket but we were not allowed.

Tresor is divided into 2 rooms, the first floor where it mostly sounds house and basement, of which we are going to talk more deeply, in which it sounds more acid and dark techno. As for the first floor, you can find in addition to the dance floor, a rest area where you can relax.

Let's talk about the basement as an impressive atmosphere. Sometime, you do not even see your partner who is 1 step away from you, due to all the smoke that it releases together to the lasers and the bulbs. That setting at a old jail, with the dj clicking behind the bars, where the exits on the sides will only be seen if you enter them is a marvel. The sound quality is spectacular, rumbles the whole place without losing an iota of quality.

At the bottom you will find a room totally dark through which you can enter through folding doors more than similar to those of the far west. What do we find there? We leave you curious, but you may get the idea.
You will be able to access from one room to another through the stairs, which you will reach through a tunnel that is lit from side to side by means of sparks. In it, you will find drawings on the walls accessing references to other, older cultures.

If you are one of those who is unable to dance without a beer in hand, you are in luck. Bar prices are quite affordable. Beers at 4 euros, shots at 3 and drinks between 7 and 9 euros (well loaded, by the way). For each beer, you are given a token that, if you bring the empty beer, you will be returned 0,5. We decided to keep the token, since it is the little that you could take as a souvenir.

These are the tokens that you can find in Tresor.

From the personal side, describe the attendance at this place as a brutal experience, and peculiar at the same time. You will not find what in other clubs or perhaps you feel the music in the same way. People go their own way, only music passes through their heads. It is possible that you are not on the side of techno and that day you dance as if techno had run through your veins for 10 years. The place where you are "forces" you. It's the atmosphere, it hooks you. I will always say that there is no genre of electronic music that you don't like, you have to find the place to discover it. And yes, Tresor is one of those places.

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