Trivecta, Gem & Tauri and Tyler Graves together in "Hear My Call"

Trivecta and Gem & Tauri release their long-awaited collaboration called "Hear My Call" with Tyler Graves via Ophelia Records.

New achievement on the record label of Seven Lions for this year with the release of an explosive new song. Ophelia Records haven't stopped providing amazing pieces of music so far in 2021 and they don't intend to slow down. We recently saw Au5 debut for launch. The Paper Owl, and Advent Vol.3, Returning To You, Survive, Knowing How To Break and many more projects.

In the last days, Ophelia Records announced one of the best news of the year with the launch of his first tour, including nocturnal wonderland. The artists participating in this tour have played a fundamental role in the progress of the record label of Seven Lions, and this week they are the protagonists.

Trivecta, Gem & Tauri, Tyler Graves, Ophelia Records

For the first time, Trivecta join forces with Gem & Tauri to provide a melodic work House with the singer-songwriter Tyler graves. The appearances that Sam has had throughout these last months has been surprising, leaving marks like wild and broken & Twilight of the Gods. Makes appearance with talented songwriters Gem & Tauri for creating hear my call.

One of the most anticipated collaborations in recent weeks, as it has been rumored on several occasions and recently in live events it has been premiered. After much uncertainty until it was revealed, the time has come to release it. For a long time Gem & Tauri did not appear in Ophelia Records and they are back, as well as Tyler graves. Last 2020, the singer-songwriter achieved epicity by collaborating with Seven Lions in the production Only now, and does it again with hear my call.

Enjoy on all platforms the new and first collaboration by Trivecta and Gem & Tauri, together with Tyler graves called hear my call.

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