Trivecta ascends to Olympus with "Twilight Of The Gods"

Trivecta releases the long-awaited song that had been playing for several months on different livestreams called "Twilight Of The Gods".

2021 has done nothing but begin and Ophelia Records starts off spectacularly. The seal of Seven Lions, opened the past 8 de January the year with the return of MitiS, after Shattered EP, releasing Try with RORY. Following the line, they do not want to stop losing a beat and announce a new great release.

During 2020, there have been many songs that have sounded in massive organized livestreams and several have not been officially released. One of them is "Twilight Of The Gods»From Sam, professionally known as Trivecta. The artist has participated in numerous livestreams and fans went crazy when this song was played. There was not a day that they did not remind him or ask when the song was going to be released and, finally, the day has come.

Trivecta leaves aside the melodic and sentimental framework, ascending to Olympus through a more challenging experience. A production that can break the big stages, sowing the adrenaline of the audience, for more than four minutes. It transmits the force necessary to accelerate the listener's heartbeat.

Trivecta said: «When I was brainstorming the different ways that folk music and bass music could interact, I came up with the idea of ​​trying to capture some of the raw energy that many European folk metal bands emit.«.

The second release of Ophelia Records it has been quite a declaration of intentions for what will bring us during the course of this year. We can't wait any longer to know what they have in hand but in the meantime, you can enjoy it on all platforms of Twilight Of The Gods«.

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