Feel "Essential" with the new single from Truth x Lies on IN / ROTATION

American DJ duo Truth x Lies return to the IN / ROTATION label with their latest single "Essential."

Based in New York, the DJ duo Truth x Lies has started to have a significant impact on the music scene house modern. They started their collaborative project in 2014, and since then they have only continued to work hard and push the musical boundaries. Later, his hard work paid off in 2017 with his single C, which has now racked up just over 2 million Spotify streams. This track really defined his signature sound and helped spread it on all kinds of dance floors; little by little, the style of Truth x Lies became more and more known.

Today, the duo carry quite a remarkable roster of releases on their backs (some notable ones are Wanderlust, What is love y teach). Apart from these powerful clues, Truth x Lies quickly caught the attention of notable labels such as Selected, Space Yacht, Technology e IN / ROTATION.

«We started Truth x Lies back in fall 2014, and we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We both had musical backgrounds, but it was a long learning process to get where we are. For the first two years, we just told ourselves to keep making music until we found our 'sound.' We listened to a lot of music and spent hours and hours in the studio practicing and discussing techniques. »

Truth x Lies

Unsurprisingly, the duo became one of the favorites of IN / ROTATION with Burn it down, their single featured on the label's Rotate Vol. 3 compilation. Unique and raw, that track really stood out, and was quickly followed by their debut EP. Other Side through the seal. Being quite familiar with IN / ROTATION, we are excited to announce their powerful comeback with their latest single. Essential.

They introduce us to the single with a hypnotic female voice that says "it's been months since we saw this dance floor." From start to finish, this voice takes us on a journey through the track, offering us a new version of the music. house. Heavy and addictive, the theme really gives all music lovers electronic music scene something to relate to, no matter what styles or genres one prefers.

The beauty of attending a live event has been taken from all of us for long enough, and Truth x Lies managed to create the perfect track to express that incredible feeling of everything coming back. Watch out for this duo, they will go places. Listen to Essential on Spotify, available now on all digital platforms.