TVBOO returns with "Right Field Bass" EP to WAKAAN

TVBOO makes his return to the WAKAAN record label for the release of "Right Field Bass" EP consisting of four songs.

One of the most beloved producers on the record label of Liquid Stranger, makes his return in the best possible way. We talk about TVBOO, one of the great figures of WAKAAN, with spectacular releases such as DRUGS! with CHOMPPA and the most recent X2, together with Kevin Flum.

After the last fiery release, TVBOO is back with his fourth release of WAKAAN of the year. Makes his return with Right Field Bass EP composed of a total of four songs loaded with distorted and vocal sound designs that sonically captivates the contagious personality of TVBOO.


The EP opens with the song This Ain't Dubstep, with minimalist influences with elements of dubstep coming together continuously. A complex of soft textures welcome Spawn Of Satan, unleashing civilization in the face of unprecedented chaos. After an anticipatory build-up, bass lines and liquid arpeggios liven up the Ms Judy, to drop it on the dance floor. Finally, multiple atmospheres and enchanted voices are opened, in which they complement the climax in demon seaman for a penetrating finish.

Behind Right Field Bass EP, TVBOO didn't want to do anything too strange or too heavy. That's not really him. He wanted this EP to have funnier vibes. He feels like you can dance to these songs in so many different ways and that's what he loves about this work.

Also, everyone has to do with left field bass music, but what happened to the right side? Why do we leave that side out? Are they rare there? Do they stink? Will you ever call me back? share TVBOO. So he thought that he would be the one to represent that side of bass music and claim the right field for all producers.

Listen to the new on all platforms now Right Field Bass EP by the producer TVBOO, through the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN.

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