Odaiba dressed up to receive Ultra Japan

We moved to one of the most significant Ultra events in the Asian continent: Ultra Japan.

Under a "limited edition" was Ultra Japan. Why? It could be due to the change of venue to Odaiba or perhaps due to rumors that it will not be held again. This last reasoning was dispelled at the moment of entering the event. Long lines to have a photo taken at any brand of the event, and a great influx in each of the main stage sets, even early in the afternoon.

Regarding cartel, an artist stood out above all: Dash Berlin. His alias recovered, it was going to be his big night, the one he had been waiting for since it began to be jeffrey sutorius. Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Galantis y Dj Snake the headliners completed. As for the supports, Infected Mushroom, Netsky, Kayzo y Snails they would be heading from the main stage, while the local artists would have their own stage at the entrance of the event.

We started the first day and by the little signage or advertising of the eventIn addition to the complexity of arriving at an event that you have never been to, we missed the option of seeing Snails, which we only hear in the background when we get to Ultra park. Netsky was the next to appear and made us enjoy a powerful set of drum and bass and other songs like "Ice Cold" with David Guetta or "Here With You" with Lost Frequencies.

Then Pendulum He was following Netsky sweeping towards the same plot. With his new Trinity format, filled Ultra Park with nostalgia while playing "Watercolor" or "Witchcraft", in addition to releasing some ID. Steve Aoki was the following, which, despite the visual spectacle that he put on, is still very below level to which it was when it premiered Neon Future II.

Dj Snake took care of closing the first day, and yes, closing to remember. Quite possibly the best set of the festival. From his own songs like "Propaganda" or "Turn Down for What", to more recent ones like "No Option". To finish, he brought out the most sensitive side of the public with "Let me Love You" and "Middle", which he accompanied with a round of fireworks to close this day 1.

Once the place was located, we reached the last day of Ultra more easily. It was the turn of the psytrance in Ultra in charge of Infected Mushroom, but the fact of starting at 13:55 and the few effects they had, made it become a set somewhat flat. Even more when Kayzo he was the next to pass through the main stage. Put back and a half odaiba. He hit everything dubstep, bass, hardcore, hardstyle… A marvel of set. We could classify it as the surprise of Ultra Japan, but it has long since ceased to be. Every day it is easier to see him on an Ultra main stage, even more so after Ultra Korea closes.

It was time to Dash Berlin. It is possible that Jeffrey would have more desire than even any member of the audience. He was energetic and interacting at all times with the public. It was his moment. After a year and a half hard under the alias of jeffrey sutorius, "Dashers" and "Ultranauts" met to see him on his return. His remixes to "Faded" by Alan Walker, «Crazy» by Lost Frequencies or «Beautiful Now» by Zedd, classics like "Heaven" and "Coming Home", as well as "Man on the Run" or the remix of Dj Isaac to "Exploration of Space" by Cosmic Gate, which made us remember his Classic Set at EDC Las Vegas.

shift Galantis, who with an instrumental and melodic touch would give a step to the closing of the festival, in charge of Afrojack. It's known that Afrojack It stands out much more in a festival made up of screens than in an infrastructure as such, but this time it was not like that. It became a somewhat set repetitive and not very different from what is seen in other festivals. We expected something more.

On a personal level, I would give it a outstanding both to stage design as the location. He remembered, saving the distances, to Bayfront, by all the buildings that surrounded the event and through which you could see the train pass, and even an airplane. Regarding the poster and the event price, I seemed somewhat elevated.
We hope that this limited edition has not been the last Ultra Japan and will again become one of the best festivals you can find in the Asian continent. Let's give them a vote of confidence.

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