Ultra Miami reaches an agreement to continue at Bayfront Park

Ultra Miami gains stability, after 2 postponed editions, by reaching an agreement with the Downtown neighborhood association to continue at Bayfront Park.

The tension between Ultra Miami and the residents of Downtown Miami goes back several years. The complaints were varied: noise in general, the occupation of Bayfront Park for too long from the setting up of the stages until its removal... Neighbors cared little about the money that Ultra Miami and its assistants left in the city, the inconveniences were too much for them.

All of this led Ultra to look for a new location for its XNUMX edition. But Virginia key did not convince due to the many problems it had. So for the XNUMX edition they managed to return to Bayfront Park with some changes in the organization of the festival. Unfortunately, neither in XNUMX nor in XNUMX has it been possible to celebrate the first major festival of the year due to the pandemic. But this has helped both sides to sit down to negotiate without the urgency of having a deal ready in March.

The details of the agreement have not been disclosed and remain confidential. But the most important thing is that the neighbors will no longer try to eject Ultra Miami from Bayfront Park again. This is great news for Ultra and for all ticket buyers for the XNUMX edition. These tickets have been passed from one year to the next, until they are valid for its next edition of XNUMX, on March XNUMX, XNUMX and XNUMX. We hope it will be a great return and that it will leave behind the confrontations between one of the biggest festivals in the world and the city that hosts it.

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