Dirty Workz: hardstyle momentum at Ultra Miami

For the second time in a row, Dirty Workz was announced as one of the hosts of Ultra Miami and therefore, we explain why attend.

What was impossible, now it may become a habit. As hardstyle has grown as a genre, it has gradually broken down walls that seemed impossible. In recent years, hardstyle has established itself as one of the fastest growing genres and after conquering Europe, the next step was America. While it's true that it was already present at some events and that the national talent was growing, one last step was missing: Ultra Miami.

2020 was the year. Coone broke with all statistics and appeared for the first time on the Ultra line up. With a few days to go, the global pandemic ended any possibility of enjoying hardstyle, more specifically at Ultra Worldwide. Once normality was restored, Coone returned to Ultra, but also Dirty Workz as a host and not only for its 15 years. Dirty Workz are back to stay and establish hardstyle at one of the best festivals in the world.

Here is a little explanation of why you should attend the Dirty Workz stage on Sunday and what each of the artists are working on for 2023.



The man-expansion of hardstyle. Many of the steps that the genre has taken have been thanks to him. He was the first to debut on a mainstage of Tomorrowland and in turn, the first hardstyle artist to reach Ultra Miami. He was going to debut on the Worldwide Stage in 2020 but the pandemic decided to put an end to it. Finally, time ended up doing justice. He'll perform for the second time in Ultra Miami, as standard of his label Dirty Workz.



Like their teammate Coone, it's common to see them on tour around the world. It's no coincidence to see them in the US as they've a huge fanbase there. They encouraged the pandemic with their Tweeka TV and many of today's hardstyle fans got into the genre thanks to them. We don't currently have much information on what's to come, both from Da Tweekaz and The Elite, but they released their collab with LNY TNZ 'Live It Up' last week.



He'll headline an Ultra Music Festival for the first time together with Sub Zero Project in Australia. A real earthquake as far as festival is concerned. He was the first UK hardcore artist to play at EDC Las Vegas and has more than 20 years experience in this scene. Like Da Tweekaz, he has a strong presence in the United States.



Lil Texas is finally back after can't attend the previous edition for not being able to communicate his flights from Masters of Hardcore. Recently, he spoke of a new album on his Twitter account, in addition to announcing a tour of the United States in the coming months. If you want to see the craziest hardcore artist you shouldn't miss this performance.



Undoubtedly, the No.1 in 2022. Every award they've received has been deserved. 'Simulation', 'Live Fast Die Young', 'Rock Tha Party'... have been real bombs. Rewarding this growth in recent years, they held an X-Qlusive under their name with several of the artists they have collaborated with. Debuting for the first time in the United States, more specifically at Ultra Miami, is surely the dream of any artist. Regarding 2023, they've started by launching their ID at Qlimax 'Vendetta', which we'll possibly hear on their set and 'The Second Dose' like Rebelion Overdose.



One of the best US talents. When the pandemic hit harder than ever, Ultra Taiwan gave us hope, gifting us a remix by him to 'WELCOME TO THE DOGHOUSE' from Kayzo that was made to wait 2 years. He has done it again with 'NEW BREED'. Regular in many of the hardstyle line ups and releases in the United States. After attending in 2013 as a fan, he'll fulfill his dream of playing at Ultra Miami 10 years later.



2022 has been one of the best years of Sub Zero Project's career. 'Renaissance of Rave' reached more than 50 million views, collaborated with Hardwell and were 'The Spotlight' at Defqon.1. 2023 is not far behind. A new show called 'Psychodelic', in charge of making the Defqon.1 anthem and for the second time, they'll perform at Ultra Miami. Like hope, seeing them on the mainstage with Hardwell playing 'Judgment Day', which will possibly be released the week before Ultra.

- HEEL -


They debuted last year releasing on Basscon Records, in addition to having performed at Exchange, Academy and EDC Las Vegas itself. A golden opportunity to show all their skills alongside the heavyweights of the hardstyle scene.



After participating with Da Tweekaz on the release of the anthem 'Intent Highscore' and his show 'Forgotten Future', End of Line artist is ready to take UMF Radio by storm. On his way to 2023, a new show called 'Rest In Pieces', which will host for the first time at REBiRTH, in addition to several never-before-seen collabs with Riot Shift and Adjuzt. If you're a fan of hard-hitting rawstyle, mark his performance on the Dirty Workz stage in red.

Dirty Workz deserve a special mention. They celebrated last year the 15 years of existence with a tour around the world, debuting at Ultra Miami with an exclusive host. 365 days later, they'll be back at Ultra Miami and have been awarded the best label of 2022 by Hard News and Hardstyle.com.

There are still tickets available for one of the best Ultra editions in its entire history, so if you want to dance to the rhythm of hardstyle in Bayfront Park, this is your chance. See you on Sunday at UMF Radio!

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