The long-awaited debut of hardstyle at Ultra

10 days to the debut of Dirty Workz as one of the hosts of Ultra Miami with artists like Sub Zero Project, Coone or Da Tweekaz.

Hardstyle at Ultra. What seemed impossible years ago, today is finally a reality. The surprise came in 2020, when Coone's name appeared on the full line up. An unexpected confirmation, as well as gratifying for all of us who have been following this genre in recent years. Only Headhunterz at Ultra Chile 2014, with a set more oriented to the mainstream than hardstyle, had the opportunity. Ultra Worldwide stage was set for finally the debut of hardstyle until the pandemic came and swept most of the events for the last 2 years.

Between vaccines, measures and better knowledge regarding the virus, 2022 became the year of the return to events and Ultra stood as the festival that would start it all. Ultra's investment on hardstyle grew exponentially, becoming the star performance of Dirty Workz tour, with its own host included. With 10 days to go, it's time to explain which artists will perform, why we should attend their sets and the impact they have had to achieve this moment.


Always Coone. Every step that hardstyle has taken in its expansion around the world in recent years, coone was there. Was the first hardstyle artist to play in Tomorrowland mainstage and he was going to be the first to do it at Ultra Miami. It will not be just any set, it will be special, since it will be related to the 15 years of Dirty Workz.


Currently, the most acclaimed hardstyle artists. So much so that Trip To Mars and HALO finished No.1 and No.2 respectively in the latest Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100. They have a lot of fans in the United States, where they performed 2 weeks ago presenting their new track Lions, released last Thursday. Growing unlimitedly with each step they take and with their new show Renaissance of Rave, we are prepared for a set full of edits, laser kicks and lots of new music.


One of the most versatile hardstyle artists. Chameleon like no other, he adapts to all possible genres. Together with E-Life, they are the hardstyle voice in Q-dance and he's possibly one of the European artists who has performed the most times outside the European continent. Believing in hardstyle has never been easier thanks to the help of our favorite priest.


Do you need fun? This is your set. Kenth and Marcus, like Audiofreq, are regulars in America. you will enjoy their edits to many of the soundtracks of Disney, Game of Thrones or The Witcher and their so famous SHOTJEE. Together with Coone and Hard Driver they form The Elite, coinciding the Ultra dates with the presentation of their new album.


Originally from the United Kingdom, they're the three current hard assets in the country. Playing at each of the hardstyle events on the American continent, they've created their own fanzone and it's one of the reasons why they're part of Ultra 2022. Ben Nicky's set is even more remarkable, with his show Xtreme.


The landing of hardstyle in Ultra is also thanks to them. During years, have tried to grow the hardstyle scene in America and they finally got it. Lil Texas is one of the idols of hardcore (even in general terms) in the US and Pulsatorz and Darksiderz have been part of line ups like EDC Mexico and EDC Las Vegas, as well as Basscon's own party called Wasteland.

It's time for each of them: the opportunity to perform at Ultra Miami. We have all dreamed of attending this festival, whether as an artist or as any other attendee. Bayfront Park is a magical place where, as we said in previous editions, the artists decide to end their career or return from their break, that place where everyone wants to play. After 3 years of waiting, the return of the king has arrived. See you in 10 days at +150 bpms!

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